CampMaid Unveils New Coconut Charcoal at Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow

July 24, 2017

Preview of CampMaid’s new Coconut Charcoal has been tested and proven to burn hotter, longer, cleaner, a natural fertilizer good for the environment, and leaves-no-trace.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. JULY 24, 2017 – CampMaid today announced their new Coconut Charcoal BBQ Briquettes via Kickstarter for pre-sale.  Shipping mid-August, customers who support the Kickstarter campaign can get the CampMaid Coconut Charcoal at a discounted price below MSRP, and each bag includes all-weather FireStarter Fuel Cubes plus a chance to win free gear for being the first to back their launch.

CampMaid’s Coconut Charcoal offers a new eco-friendly charcoal that has been tested and proven to burn twice as hot and twice as long as generic charcoal. It is also cleaner and recyclable as natural fertilizer creating less environmental impact and leaves-no-trace. 100% all-natural coconut charcoal briquettes are non-toxic, create less smoke, and don’t change the taste of food keeping that same great barbeque flavor. Its ideal for environments that limit traditional barbeque smoke such as balconies, patios, leave-no-trace areas, Scout events, and environmentally conscious consumers. Since it allows you to pack less, it is also ideal for camping, tailgating, survival, hunting, river rafting, beach cookouts, as well as regualar backyard bbq’s.

One bag of CampMaid Coconut Charcoal is the equivalent of two generic brand bags so customers will get twice as much, use less to get the desired heat, and achieve a longer cooking time out of one batch of charcoal. It is much more economic so customers will spend less, pack less, and waste less.

View a 40 briquette comparison for burn time and temperature between CampMaid and generic brands: https://campmaid.com/pages/new-coconut-charcoal

Additionally, CampMaid will be launching FireStarter Fuel Cubes to include with the purchase of CampMaid Coconut Charcoal.  Special features about the fuel cubes include:

  • Multi-use heat source for quickly starting charcoal or wood. Hot & ready in minutes
  • Stays lit in all weather conditions. Light fire in wind, rain and snow
  • Easily lights with any flame source, and instantly starts fire
  • Start emergency fire anytime, anywhere, all-weather. Use indoors and outdoors
  • Hot enough to boil 16 ounces of water in ten minutes, or start a roaring campfire
  • Generates up to 1300F of intense heat, providing about 12 min. usable burn time/cube
  • Does not liquefy when burning, and leaves no ash residue
  • Cubes are eco-friendly burning completely smokeless and odorless, clean, safe non-toxic
  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry, small volume, high energy, strong firepower
  • Waterproof and individually wrapped cubes
  • 12 minutes burn-time per cube

About CampMaid

CampMaid is an innovative patented line of multi-use, compact, portable, outdoor cooking tools for camping, emergency preparedness/survival, scouts, tailgating, hunting, beach cookouts, small urban environments, and backyards. CampMaid’s outdoor cooking system inspires creative meals as it converts the multi-use tools to create a griddle, smoker, grill, steamer, pizza oven, frying pan, baking pot, and more, offering users a full range camp-kitchen-in-a-bag. Versatile, safe, portable, and leaves-no-trace, CampMaid is the only thing you need to elevate you next outdoor dining adventure. CampMaid is headquartered, warehoused, and ships online orders. Started a few years ago by a couple buddies who have a passion for the outdoors, CampMaid has quickly grown to an international company supplying and distributing products to USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe!

CampMaid is a proud winner of the Best New Product at the National Hardware Show and winner of the 2016 Outdoor Retailer “Best-in-Show Light My Fire” Award for the new portable Charcoal Chimney.

For more information, recipes, uses, etc., visit http://campmaid.com/.

Media kit:  http://bit.ly/2tmK56g


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