CarbonTV Presents “All In”: A Riveting Documentary on Family Unity and the Pursuit of Hunting Dreams

September 13, 2023

Follow one family’s commitment to courage over comfort.

MICHIGAN (SEPTEMBER 13, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – CarbonTV, the leading online streaming platform for all things outdoors, is thrilled to announce the September 14th premiere of its latest documentary, “All In.” This captivating and heartfelt film showcases the remarkable journey of a family united by their shared passion for hunting, as they come together to support and chase their dreams in the great outdoors.

In “All In,” viewers will be taken on an immersive and emotional journey into the lives of the Say’s, a family of avid hunters who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of their hunting dreams. Produced by Garrett Heath of Okiejoke Media this documentary shines a spotlight on the deep bonds and unwavering commitment that tie this family together, as they overcome challenges, celebrate triumphs, and, most importantly, stand by each other’s side through thick and thin.

“We are incredibly proud to share the story of this family with the world,” said Julie McQueen, CarbonTV President and CEO. “Their journey is a testament to the power of family bonds and the deep connection that can be forged through a common passion. ‘All In’ is a celebration of hunting, family, and the bond that ties the two.”

“We are beyond excited to partner with CarbonTV for the exclusive release of our documentary, ‘All In.’” Explains Jason Say. “From the very first conversation we had with CarbonTV we knew this was the platform we wanted to release to the world all the hard work and dedication to producing this film over the last 2 years. ‘All In’ isn’t your typical hunting show. Yes, there is a giant buck, but the film was created to be way more than that. It’s a film that follows one family’s commitment to courage over comfort and following their dreams. This is a film that the entire family will enjoy.”

This inspiring documentary captures the essence of what it means to be “All In” – the dedication, the passion, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. Whether they are chasing elusive trophies, embarking on challenging hunting adventures, or sharing the joys of the hunt, the Say family exemplifies the unbreakable spirit of a family united by a shared love for the outdoors.

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