Celebrating A New Era in Sports Inventions, A Timely Solution For Golfers

December 14, 2020

BibBoards INC – a company that has introduced the original race bib fasteners BibBoards to the Sports community, came up with an innovative approach to their product. golfSNAPS – the wearable golf ball markers are convenient and innovative for numerous golf enthusiasts who don`t want to lose their ball marker ever again. Moreover, they take the golf lifestyle to a whole new level by becoming an original and stylish accessory for your attire!

When BibBoards INC launched their bib fasteners in 2017, they have demonstrated a whole new approach to safety and self-identity in endurance sports. From now on, safety pins have been eliminated from the equation, letting athletes attach their bibs with no fear of injuries from sharp objects or damage to the uniform. Moreover, the wide range of designs and accessibility of the product introduced a new level of competitive self-expression for runners, cyclists, gymnasts, soccer players, and various other athletes.

Today BibBoards INC is discovering this new application for their invention and approaches to Golf – a popular sport that has inevitably been influenced by COVID-19 and demands for innovative solutions that would help golf professionals and enthusiasts to continue practicing while being able to safely observe the precautions. “With all the social distance golfing going on we feel it is a good time to share, customize them and bring your family to the course with you” – says Brian Goodell – the founder and CEO of BibBoards INC.

Being an innovative solution golfSNAPS combine the greatest features of BibBoard INC products and bring a new thrill to the Golfing world.

  • Secure your position and never lose the ball marker ever again
  • Express yourself by accessorizing your golf attire with stylish and original snap badges
  • Preserve your golfing apparel with an innovative Snap Lock Technology that does not require or cause any piercing or other damage to the fabric

With its booming popularity, Golf requires and deserves innovative and original products and solutions that will, however, meet the requirements and regulations of the modern trends in environmental care and self-awareness. golfSNAPS are this kind of product!

  • Free of pins, holes, and magnets, golfSNAPS are perfectly safe. People of all ages may attach and take them off easily without fear of injury. They don`t contain any metal parts or other elements that may cause inconvenience or compromise the efficiency of medical implants.
  • golfSNAPS are made out of Nylon 6 – recyclable plastic and are eco-friendly. Moreover, accessorizing with golfSNAPS is an ultimate contribution to environmental protection due to their durability and multi-use with makes them a long-term waste-reducing solution.
  • The firm yet delicate grip provided by the Snap Lock Technology guarantees that you will be able to attach golfSNAPS to many pieces of apparel – shirts, pants, hats, etc. However, those clips are safe for any kind of fabric and don`t cause any damage.
  • The new level of self-identification and expression introduced to Golf by BibBoards does not only help golfers to keep the track of their marks but is likely to attract new enthusiasts, raising the popularity of golf.

Company BibBoards INC
Press Contact: Brian Goodell