Chester Moore Examines Monster Speckled Trout Hybrids

March 28, 2023

Podcaster, Journalist Tells Forgotten Texas Super Trout Story

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Speckled trout (spotted seatrout) are the most important inland sportfish on the Gulf Coast. The pursuit of true trophy trout is the obsession of many anglers and drives much of the equipment sold to anglers in the region.

Higher Calling Wildlife founder and podcast host Chester Moore recently discovered the presence of huge speckled trout hybrids in Texas’ past.

“Early in my career I pondered whether fisheries technology, genetic tinkering and selective breeding might produce “super trout” in much the same way private and even state agencies are working to create world-record largemouths.”

Moore said his recent discovery revealed super trout of sorts already existed in Texas but are now long gone.

“On this unique episode I dive into a program that hybridized speckled trout with a close cousin and it produced fish up to 20 pounds. I’m a little jealous I was way too young to cover this back when it happened but it sure made for compelling research and listening on this episode,” he added.

You can listen to the episode here


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“We mentor teens facing special challenges to become wildlife conservationists by combining fun wilderness expeditions into the use of media from the podcast to photography and writing. The podcast is our voice to reach the outdoors world,” Moore said.

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(Chester Moore is an award-winning wildlife journalist and conservationist. In 2022 he won the “Service to Mankind Award” from Sertoma for his work with children and wildlife, in 2020 won the “Advocatus Magni Award” from the National Wild Turkey Federation and has been named a “Hero of Conservation” by Field & Stream.)