Chums Expands Marketing Team Leading Into Surf Expo

January 3, 2024

Chums is fortifying its marketing team to support retail partners' expanding needs and the success of future product introductions.

Ketchum, ID (January 3, 2024)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Chums shows no signs of slowing down heading into Surf Expo 2024. Coming off its year-long 40th-anniversary celebration as the most recognizable name in eyewear retainers and outdoor accessories, Chums is fortifying its marketing team to support retail partners’ expanding needs and the success of future product introductions. To support its growth, Chums has recruited Grace Overby to join their team as its new Marketing Coordinator, and will transition Maddy Morton to the newly created role of Creative Brand Manager.

Grace joins Chums from the customer support team at Smith Optics. As a part of Chums, she will take on the brand’s growing social media duties, assist the external PR agency in its needs, and support the marketing team in its day-to-day activities. Passionate about fly fishing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and dogs, Grace is very much a part of the outdoor community and culture that drive Chums as a brand.

The addition of Grace to the Chums marketing department frees up bandwidth for Maddy, making her transition to the role of Creative Brand Manager possible. Maddy first joined Chums as its Marketing Manager in Q3 of 2022 and helped guide many of the brand’s most recent marketing and creative efforts. Maddy is uniquely suited for her new role as Creative Brand Manager, already possessing in-depth knowledge of the Chums brand in addition to an education and professional background in graphic design and illustration. In this new role, Maddy will elevate Chums’ creative efforts for print and digital in line with the brand’s heritage, helping the sales and marketing teams to meet their goals across all channels.

“The momentum surrounding Chums in 2023 was fantastic, and we need to level-up our marketing efforts to continue to amplify our brand awareness and support our retail partners heading into 2024. Adding Grace to the team and empowering Maddy to spearhead our creative efforts are just two ways we’re accomplishing that,” commented Ben Falkson, the Marketing Director for Chums. “Anniversary celebrations are always special, but last year was above and beyond for our brand. Our revamped bag line and capsule collections were big hits, and media attention was at an all-time high, including multiple features on our Surfshorts wallet in GQ, plus attention from the Today Show and Wall Street Journal. I think 2024 is going to be incredible for the brand.”

Grace, along with members of Chums’ sales team, will be available for meetings at Surf Expo 2024 booth 551 from January 10-12. Retailers who do not have an existing appointment with their sales reps are encouraged to reach out before the show or visit the booth on-site to schedule.

About Chums

Founded on the Colorado River in 1983, Chums creates eyewear retainers, bags, and accessories preferred by river rats, guides, dirtbags, and weekend warriors who need their gear to be safe and secure. Our community is the early risers and the go-getters who choose their equipment carefully and rely on it day in and day out. A family-run business committed to world-class customer service, Chums produces innovative outdoor products built for adventure. To learn more, visit www.chums.com.