Cleveland’s LAND Energy, Pioneer of E-Moto System for Electric Bikes, Sees Strong Brand Momentum for 2023 Leveraging Growing Consumer Demand for Green Transportation Options

March 8, 2023

Proprietary Technology Garnering Industry Awards; Staff Expands to Accommodate Growth

CLEVELAND / March 8, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/LAND Energy, the Cleveland based tech company that pioneered a proprietary ecosystem of light electric vehicles (LEVs), enters 2023 with strong brand momentum due to increased orders from the surging consumer demand for planet – friendly transportation options. Since this past January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LAND Energy earned the Gear Junkie Best in Show Award recognizing its connected CORE battery’s capabilities and made it to the final rounds of the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards, honoring brands, retailers and nonprofits that find creative solutions encouraging people to go outdoors. To accommodate a steady cadence of orders, LAND Energy is adding staff and announcing promotions including Evan Painter, named brand director, and Ladd Forde, elevated to director of photography. In addition, Steve Westover and Chris Davis are joining as an advisor and production manager, respectively.

“Evan, Ladd, Steve and Chris bring a tremendous amount of creativity and fearlessness LAND Energy needs to broaden its reach and tell its story to the consumer,” said Scott Colosimo, CEO of LAND Energy. “Our goal is to create a new standard for the micro mobility and outdoor industries. Our expanded team has the creative thought leadership and strategic experience to make that happen.”

Promotions, New Hires and Event Attendance

Painter, with over 8 years of experience, is a seasoned brand and product development professional within the micro mobility and transportation industries. Forde brings over 17 years of lifestyle photography experience, having previously worked with Boulder Lifestyle Magazine and Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine.

Westover, who brings expertise from the venture capital world, will provide guidance on digital marketing and brand development, while Davis will be an important piece to LAND Energy production overseeing the quality and development of all LAND Energy products.

To introduce its story to key B2B and consumer audiences, LAND Energy will attend the following events:

  • South By Southwest (March 10-13, 2023) LAND Energy is a finalist in the Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability pitch taking place March 12.
  • Sea Otter (April 20-23, 2023)
  • ONE Motorcycle Show (April 28-30, 2023) LAND will be teasing some new customizations to come through a new version of their iconic District motorcycle.

LAND Energy App Introduction

LAND Energy’s new app has been released for all IOS devices enabling owners of the District to connect to their bike remotely via their Apple device. The app enables users to have more control and visibility over their District’s specifications, modes and anti-theft features.

Expanded Distribution Network

LAND Energy has added Tucker Powersports (Fort Worth, Texas) as a distributor and Revival Cycles (Austin, Texas) as a partner to its network for improved access to consumers. Both partners will sell LAND Energy District motorcycles as well as engage in future projects through the brand’s Cleveland, Ohio facility.

Finalizing Improved Manufacturing Facility

LAND Energy is finalizing its 14,000 square foot renovation project of connected manufacturing space in Cleveland for March, 2023. This will enable LAND Energy to produce up to 5,000 bikes per year and additional staff to support production and R&D.

Improvements on The District

For 2023, the LAND Energy team has continued quality enhancements of the District:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) parts
  • Improved electronics
  • Revised designs aiding with maintenance and service

For more information, please visit: landmoto.io


About LAND Energy

Founded in 2020 by Scott Colosimo in Cleveland, Ohio, LAND Energy is based on the principle that energy continuity and mobility are essential to modern life. LAND Energy provides a transitional E Moto ecosystem with a portable power platform (CORE), a game-changing approach in the light electric vehicle industry. With products proudly manufactured in Cleveland, LAND Energy is unwavering in its belief in American ingenuity and world-class craftsmanship. As a design-forward company, LAND Energy is dedicated to constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers, everyday consumers and businesses looking for energy efficiency.

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