Coalition Snow Partners with Brooklyn Bell for Rafiki Powder Ski Graphic Design

October 29, 2020

Inspired by Play and Curiosity, the Rafiki Powder Ski was designed for women and female-identifying skiers who are looking to push their creativity this season — on and off the mountain.

(Reno, NV — October 29, 2020) Women-owned and operated, Coalition Snow is proud to announce a paid partnership with graphic designer, illustrative artist and athlete Brooklyn Bell on their Made in the USA Rafiki Powder Ski.

“Brooklyn has a unique style that people love, including all of us at Coalition Snow. Her colorful and bold artwork naturallyfits on the canvas of a pair of skis,” says Jen Gurecki, CEO of Coalition Snow. “We’ve always loved talking about all things skiing and art with Brooklyn, so it seemed only natural to ask her to design a ski graphic for us. Her skills, love, and passion for the sport are inspiring, in addition to her like minded activism and leadership in the snowsports and outdoor industry.”

“This collaboration with Coalition Snow came about through a couple of years of knowing Jen and Lauren. I have always admired Lauren’s artwork and they knew that I was passionate about creating artwork for skis. It was such a good match,” says Bell. “I wanted to create a ski for a woman that didn’t feel like a beginner, but also didn’t take herself too seriously. This ski is inspired by play and curiosity — reminding women not to be afraid to get creative. Life seems to be challenging for everyone these days, but we can all find time to celebrate the moments of joy —  like the ones that skiing brings — in these times.”

“And Rafiki means “friend” in Swahili and pays tribute to the trees that we plant in Kenya through our nonprofit partner, Zawadisha, for every ski and snowboard we make,” says Gurecki.

But don’t let the powder title fool you. This pivoty and nimble ski will float you through Hokkaido deep drifts, twist through tight trees and bumps, and still carve a groomer with ease. An ample tip and waist provide the floaty ride, a pared-down tail makes for quick release and instant control, while camber underfoot is all business on the groomer.

Rafiki Powder Ski Specs:

  • Ample tips and waists for a floaty ride, pared-down tails make for quick release and instant control
  • Camber underfoot allows full control on groomers
  • Sandwich construction with full-width triaxial fiberglass layup
  • Blended hardwood core is composed of poplar hard maple and ash
  • UHMWPE sidewalls and layers of VDS rubber
  • 4001 sintered base and 2mm full-wrapped steel edges
  • Dual-radius sidecut has a shorter radius at the tips for easy turn initiation and a slightly longer radius at the tails to maintain stability and control, especially at speed
  • Early-rise tip is directional, pairing off-piste stability and soft snow performance with control
  • Rocker in the tips handles crud and bumps upfront and provides maximum float in the soft snow; slightly eased tails enhance control
  • Made in the USA

Find Rafiki photos and full specs here. To test any of the skis or snowboards in Coalition Snow’s lineup this winter, email jen@coalitionsnow.com.

About Coalition Snow

What started as a mission to build women’s skis and snowboards that didn’t suck, Coalition Snow has evolved into a community that values camaraderie over competition, solidarity over sending, and compassion over cuntery. Designers and distributors of performance-driven skis and snowboards, cheeky apparel, an irreverent podcast, and an inclusive print magazine, Coalition Snow knows there is no place for the status quo, no room for hanging back, and no time for waiting for the industry to embrace people who don’t fit the mold. In everything they create the team aims to make a positive impact in the world of snowsports and beyond. Coalition Snow is out to build a more inclusive snowsports community. coalitionsnow.com