COBI “Connected Biking” System Proudly Announces Global Launch

July 27, 2016

Fully integrated system is now available for purchase in 34 countries worldwide

FRANKFURT, Germany (July 27, 2016) – COBI, the first integrated system to transform your ride into a smart cycling experience, is now available for purchase in 34 countries and five different languages around the world. Designed and engineered in Germany, unveiled with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and backed with over $13 million in investment capital, COBI places your smartphone front and center to revolutionize your cycling experience, giving you a variety of useful tools and information right at your fingertips.

Similar to the hands-free, Bluetooth-powered connectivity systems found in many automobiles, COBI integrates a high design aesthetic with an unmatched user experience to create a one-of-a-kind cycling product. COBI has already won a dozen awards from a wide range of agencies including the Consumer Electronics Show and the Eurobike trade show, even before it could be purchased. 

“We’re thrilled to launch the COBI platform to the world,” said Andreas Freitag, CEO of COBI North America. “What we call ‘Connected Biking’ is the experience of tapping into dozens of bike-specific connectivity features in a single unit. The support and commitment we received during the development and launch process is beyond encouraging. We really believe this technology will revolutionize the cycling experience.”

COBI is now available for purchase at the COBI online store. COBI will also be available at select retailers and as standard equipment on several partner brand bicycles in the near future.

Consisting of a smartphone case, handlebar mounted hub, six-button controller, and app, COBI puts a world of information and connectivity right at your fingertips. Providing access to phone calls, fitness metrics, turn-by-turn navigation, playlists, and weather forecasting, COBI makes it easier than ever to stay connected with the rest of your life while on your bike.

COBI will also charge your phone while you ride and will fully integrate with a variety of different eBike brands. COBI is also open-source, allowing developers to create custom systems for bike fleets, tourism applications, and more.

About COBI

Designed and engineered in Germany in 2014, Kickstarter-funded COBI is the first integrated system to intelligently connect your bike with your smartphone for an all-in-one smartphone holder with charging function, bike computer, navigation system, security alarm, bell, and light. COBI was named the Prototype and Overall Winner at the 2014 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards, 2014 IoT Innovation World Cup Innovator of the Year, and 2015 Best of Mobile Innovation Winner. COBI has 65 employees worldwide with offices in San Francisco and Frankfurt, Germany. For additional information, please visit cobi.bike.

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