Color Your Campsite Bright With Fenix’s Latest Launch — The CL28R Rechargeable Lantern

January 13, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Move over basic camping lights! The Fenix CL28R has arrived to steal the show! Fitted with a color dial, which allows you to change the color temperature of the light — this rechargeable camping lantern does more than show you the way.

Landscape photographers who document their hiking and camping adventures can easily set up the CL28R on a standard tripod for night photography and better color rendering. For those who may arrive later at campsites, this camping lantern can throw a maximum of 2000 lumens across a distance of 190 feet making it extremely convenient to set up camp, cook food, and spend more time enjoying quiet nights outside the tent.

Offering a runtime of up to 360 hours on Low, the CL28R is equipped to light up your outdoor adventures for a long time. USB type-C rechargeable, this high-performance camping lantern can be fully charged within four hours. In addition, the CL28R can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices, which adds to its versatility.

Its five lighting modes, a magnetic handle that can also be attached to most metal surfaces, and its tripod mount make the CL28R excellent for camping and other outdoor activities. From using its red light for up-close tasks to deploying the red flash in case of emergency to blasting its 2000 lumens when needed, this camping lantern is capable of doing it all.

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