Coolcore looks to Fuze for odor control boost

February 21, 2018

Permanent, chemical-free additive keeps odors at bay and temperatures regulated

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Coolcore (www.coolcore.com), the leader in chemical-free thermoregulating fabrics, is introducing Fuze silver and gold alloy technology to its range of fabrics giving them the added benefit of odor control.

Fuze, a water based topical fabric treatment, permanently binds to fabrics providing odor control while enhancing UVA/ UVB protection, hyper-evaporation and cooling.

“Fuze shares many of Coolcore’s characteristics, including performance that never washes out,” said David Ludd, Coolcore’s Vice President of Global Marketing. “Coolcore with Fuze is the next step in our mission to provide the best performance fabrics to the market in an ecologically friendly and responsible manner.”

Fuze is chemical-free and is comprised of all natural components with zero-waste during the manufacturing and application processes. The gold and silver alloys adhere permanently to the fabrics without altering their appearance or impeding their performance attributes.

“Fuze works at a nano level, attacking bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the fabric, killing odors,” said Andrew Peterson, president of Fuze BioTech, LLC based in Salt Lake City, UT.

In a twenty-four-hour period tests showed that fabrics with Fuze reduced odors by 95%.

Coolcore fabrics with Fuze will be available in spring 2018 with commercialized products slated for spring 2019 introductions.

Numerous leading outdoor, fitness, and running brands have selected Coolcore for their thermoregulating technology as have major retail brands including Cabela’s, L.L. Bean, Disney, Athleta, Klim and Dickies.

In 2013, Coolcore became the first US Company to receive the “Innovative Technology” award from the Hohenstein Institute, and remains the only company globally to receive it for “Cooling Power”.

Independently tested by the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute on its WATson test, which measures a fabric’s cooling and drying power, Coolcore’s fabric received the best scores against seven leading brands and three competing technologies.

About Coolcore:

Coolcore creates proprietary chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics which deliver three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation — that together keep you cool, dry and comfortable. Coolcore is the first U.S. company to earn “Innovative Technology” recognition from the esteemed Hohenstein Institute and the only company globally to be awarded this recognition for “Cooling Power.” To learn more about Coolcore and its products visit www.coolcore.com.

About Fuze:

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Fuze BioTech creates permanent eco-friendly treatments that kill bacteria to fight odors and germs while enhancing sun protection, moisture management.  Learn more about Fuze and its technologies at www.fuze47.com.