COROS Launches Updated Ski Touring Activity Mode

February 3, 2021

The enhanced Ski Touring mode is available on COROS VERTIX and COROS APEX Pro models

Tustin, CA, February 3, 2021 – COROS Wearables Inc., makers of premium endurance sports wearables, announced today a key update to its Ski Touring activity mode. The timing of this update is optimal as key Ski Mountaineering towns across North America are being blanketed with feet of fresh powder.

Working closely with COROS Pro Athletes such as Hilaree Nelson, Jim Morrison and Steve House; the COROS development team aims to meet the needs of all Uphill Skiers, from the enthusiast to the SkiMo racer.

Exciting features of the updated Ski Touring activity mode include:

  • Auto-Ascent/Descent detection made for seamless transitions at the summit
  • Unlimited Ascent/Descent laps for daily training or racing
  • Auto lap detection by a proprietary elevation gain/loss-based solution specifically designed for Ski Mountaineering
  • Navigation with Checkpoints
  • Individual Data Page Set-ups for Ascent and Descent – COROS is the only brand to offer this must-have feature.

“Last year we released the initial version of our Ski Touring mode, and while it fulfilled a need, it was clear from our users that we needed to offer more,” said COROS CEO Lewis Wu. “With the new features now available in our Ski Touring mode, COROS should be the go-to GPS watch for the Uphill Athlete.”

The updated Ski Touring mode is now available on the COROS VERTIX and COROS APEX Pro and will be released to the COROS APEX in March.

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