Create Your Own Floating Super Lounge with BOTE’s New Hangout Suite

May 3, 2022

Boats, Lakes, Pools, Rivers and Backyards - The Hangout Suite Revolutionizes Enjoying the Water with Friends and Family

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. – May 3, 2022/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – BOTE (https://www.boteboard.com), the longstanding leader of innovation in the paddle board, kayak, and water lifestyle space, today rolls out its new Hangout Suite, an impressive collection of eight modular pieces that can be enjoyed individually, yet are best when combined to create epic, customized spots for relaxing with friends and family.

The Hangout Suite was designed for full compatibility and the ability to piece together the hero items of the collection such as the Hangout 240, Hangout Couch and Hangout Lounge, with the Suite’s other complementary pieces that really set a dedicated to chill vibe: such as the Hangout Bar and Hangout 120. Those who enjoy orbiting around the central Hangout location will appreciate the Hangout Chair and Hangout FLOATube. All together, the Hangout Suite demonstrates BOTE’s understanding of how people want to enjoy the water, creating a full-on floating masterpiece.

“The float category has just been so stale for as long as I can remember. I see the exact same things on the market now as I did when I was a kid,” said Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO and co-founder. “We just thought it was about time to up the style, quality, and function factor for everything that floats – from boating to pools. So people could just hang out. Many of our customers have come to know our brand from the paddle sports side, but we are much more than that. We just want to make next-level floats for people to enjoy time on the water with family and friends…live the lifestyle. I think we’ve nailed it with our new Hangout Series.”

Made with BOTE’s proprietary AeroBOTE construction, each item in the new Hangout Suite is lightweight, portable and extremely durable and stable once inflated. The packability and ease of setup makes it simple to transform the pieces in the Hangout Suite from folded up in the carry sling into party-ready setup in minutes, allowing for ease of transportation and storage. The boat-friendly designs can be quickly and easily stored below deck when running to the sandbar or raft up, or in the garage or closet for the home and pool.

The eight pieces in BOTE’s Hangout Suite include the Hangout 240, Hangout 120, Hangout Bar, Hangout Lounge, Hangout Couch (Port and Starboard options), Hangout Chair and Hangout FLOATube.

Whether you are in a FLOATube raft up or a full Hangout 360 configuration complete with the Hangout Bar, you and your flotilla mates can be tethered together with the DockLink Connection straps, standard with each piece in the series. Each Hangout product has multiple lash points to allow thousands of different configurations and the ability to create the ultimate water lounge. BOTE’s proprietary MAGNEPOD™ system – magnetic attachment points – keep drinks in place even during the craziest cannonball sessions.

The full range of the new Hangout Suite is available at BOTE flagship retail locations, BOTE dealers and online at boteboard.com.


BOTE is driven by a singular yet broad-reaching mission: To Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle. It is this mission that keeps BOTE pushing the boundaries of both technology and style to bring customers a product that not only looks beautiful and performs flawlessly, but that stirs the soul and inspires adventure. Born from stand up paddle boards and now pioneering inflatable kayaks, floating dock systems, and more — BOTE continues to strive for advancement and embrace individuality.