Current Drives Launches Folding Prop for Higher Speed and Efficiency

April 28, 2016

Electric stand up paddle boards go even further and faster in 2016

Seattle, WA (April 28, 2016) – Seattle based company, Current Drives, Inc. creator of the ElectraFin®, the first and only electric conversion kit for stand up paddle boards, will debut a newly designed folding propeller at the Northwest Paddling Festival in Issaquah, Washington on May 6-7th. Festival go-ers will have the chance to test-ride the enhanced design which boasts an increased run time of over six hours and 20+ miles using the Samsung lithium-ion battery pack.

The powerful ElectraFin® allows users to transform their stand up paddleboard into a motorized personal watercraft in under one minute. Users can travel on electric power alone or supplement the electric motor and pick their desired speed using the wireless remote. Using Paddle Assist™ along with the folding design of the propeller eliminates drag from the fin, allowing for a smooth and resistance free ride. Higher top speeds can also be achieved with the new propeller and the fully submerged motor design produces zero noise or water pollution for a serene experience on the water.

The new folding propeller was developed in tandem with North Carolina based HydroComp Inc., the industry leader in applied hydrodynamics for the marine industry.

“We created the ElectraFin® to provide our customers a product that allows them to spend more time doing the activities they love,” said Current Drives VP Sales Steve Johns. “Every user is unique and the new folding prop allows more people to go even further than before, removing the limitations of strong winds and current, and allowing paddle boarders and fisherman to use larger more stable boards without paying the penalty of reduced travel distance or speed.”

The 2016 ElectraFin® is available with an expanded array of mounting adapters ranging from $29 to $99, enabling users to attach the universal system to an even wider variety of inflatable and hard SUPs and kayaks. Users also have the option of charging using the power of the sun with a 45 watt solar charging kit. A full list of accessories is available at www.currentdrives.com

ElectraFin® demonstration video:


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About Current Drives, Inc.

Current Drives, Inc. was founded in 2011 with a goal of creating a universal conversion kit to turn any paddle craft into a human electric hybrid. For everyone from flat water adventurers to SUP rental fleet operators, the ElectraFin® provides propulsion to expand possibilities without noise or pollution. Current Drives offers the ElectraFin® conversion kit which attaches to nearly all stand up paddle boards and kayaks as well as a fully outfitted motorized stand up paddle board called the ESUP®.