Desert vibes: Succulents shine in KAVU’s spring collection

March 18, 2019

KAVU’s Greenhouse print enjoys terrific booking, anticipated to sell out before mid-summer

SEATTLE – KAVU’s top new pattern for Spring 2019 is Greenhouse, and it’s already nearly sold out. A colorful array of desert succulents bursting out against a dark backdrop, the Greenhouse print permeates KAVU’s spring line, from jumpsuits and sleeveless dresses for women to men’s board shorts, belt packs and cross-body bags.

“Purchasing, naming, photographing, and then promptly killing a succulent may be more of a millennial rite of passage than caring for one,” reflects Alyssa Bereznak, chronicling the succulent’s meteoric ascendancy.

Thanks to the design team at KAVU, nobody has to kill anything now, except a whole lot of time in the sun this summer.

“KAVU loves the sun and warm climates just as much as the succulents do,” said Leah Evans, design director at KAVU. “We at KAVU like to make the fun happen … The Greenhouse print is just that – it’s fun yet wearable too!”

To see Greenhouse and full slate of evocative KAVU patterns in motion, check out the Spring 2019 video lookbook. Greenhouse highlights in the apparel line include the San Blas overalls, Ensenada sleeveless dress and Tepic short shorts for women. The Go Big board shorts will be the go-to for men.

“We knew we wanted a succulent pattern for spring ’19,” said KAVU founder Barry Barr. “They epitomize romance in the face of scarcity. They bring extravagance to arid, unforgiving landscapes.”

Greenhouse-patterned standouts among the bags and packs include Rope Sling, Mini Rope Sling, Market Bag, Singapore Satchel, Lunch Box, Takeout Tote, and Peak Seeker chalk bag.

Rounding out the must-have KAVU patterns of Spring ’19, Sasquatch, Chroma Stripe and Fish Fest remain strong, and Explore continues to earn kudos with its rustic blend of pheasants, bald eagles and park-inspired signage.

About KAVU

Founded in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, KAVU has created clothing and accessories for living life to the fullest since it all started with the Strap Cap in 1993. KAVU derives from the aviation acronym, “Clear Above Visibility Unlimited,” when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see all the way to the horizon. That limitless feeling is the guiding principle in everything KAVU does. It means treating every day like it’s special, getting out there and doing whatever invigorates you. KAVU products are an expression of this approach to life: true outdoor wear designed to spread that good-time attitude. Learn more at www.kavu.com.

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