Diamond Brand Gear Promotes Lauren Rash to COO

November 7, 2018

Asheville, NC – November 6, 2018 – Diamond Brand Gear, an American legacy in domestic outdoor gear manufacturing since 1881, is proud to announce the promotion of Lauren Rash to Chief Operating Officer. Previously VP of Operations for Diamond Brand Gear, Rash has been with the brand since 2016, where she has excelled at manufacturing planning, product design, quality control and operations.

Before landing at Diamond Brand Gear 3 years ago, Rash was the Lean Six Sigma leader and strategic growth coordinator, servicing two Aviation value streams at GE plant in Asheville, NC. With Rash’s advanced knowledge of manufacturing and design, she excels at overseeing and improving Diamond Brand Gear’s local manufacturing operations.

“Lauren has continued to show leadership and dedication to all of the new initiatives within our company,” states John Delaloye, CEO of Diamond Brand Gear. “We are very proud to promote her to COO, as she has been instrumental in the growth of our business at Diamond Brand Gear thus far and is dedicated to our mission to creating durable yet beautiful outdoor gear, crafted in the Carolina Mountains.”

First stamped with a “Diamond Brand” in 1881 as an indication of high quality goods, Diamond Brand Gear has produced packs, big wall tents and combat tents for the military and Boy Scouts for many years. In 2017, the brand expanded their offerings to include high-quality, crafted in the Carolina Mountain packs and bags for living the mountain lifestyle.

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About Diamond Brand Gear Company

Since 1881, Diamond Brand Gear has manufactured outdoor and mountain lifestyle gear in the U.S. with ultimate craftsmanship and care. Based in the heart of the Carolina Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, Diamond Brand Gear explores the limits of fabric to craft durable outdoor gear with passion, creativity and pride. With a history of reliability and innovation, Diamond Brand Gear produces tents for the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Boy Scouts, creates upcycled bags out of leftover canvas tent material, and designs high quality bags with Biltmore®, America’s largest home. From employing new fabrics, sewing and LEAN manufacturing technologies, to exploring ways to add customization and personalization to their products, Diamond Brand Gear is dedicated to their employees, customers and community. For more information, visit www.diamondbrandgear.com.