Diamondback Sponsors Seth Alvo’s North Carolina “Berm Park” Mountain Bike Park

February 26, 2021

Seth Alvo of Youtube channels Berm Peak and Berm Peak Express is building a network of trails in his backyard of Canton, N.C., where Diamondback will sponsor the creation of one trail

KENT, Wash., (February 26, 2021) — A long time supporter of Seth Alvo, the creator behind @sethsbikehacks, and his pursuits both on and off the bike, Diamondback is excited to announce its pivotal role in Alvo’s newest creation, Berm Park mountain bike park in Canton, N.C. Diamondback will act as a supporter of the new park through its sponsorship of one of the main downhill routes.

Berm Park is a creation that began with Alvo’s own vision, inspired by the need of his local community. The land where the park will be built was initially going to act as a NASCAR training facility or rock quarry, but when those didn’t pan out, it was left an unfinished project. The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservation bought the land back and gifted it to the town of Canton with the caveat that it must be used for outdoor recreation. The goal of Berm Park is to provide a space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy both nature and to encourage sustainable and responsible recreation.

“Berm Park is for every type of rider,” Alvo explained. “Diamondback’s sponsorship is a natural fit because of the park’s progressive design that allows for anyone, at any ability level to enjoy. Diamondback has been a friend of Berm Peak since the very beginning and the brand’s culture is a great representation of what Berm Park is all about.”

The park itself currently is under construction under the direction of both Alvo and the town of Canton. The trails are being curated in a sustainable way that aims to keep the natural vegetation and watershed protected throughout the process. It will be a single use, one direction park with a stacked loop system for safety and ease in choosing a route. Each trail has a varying skill level, and the more advanced line you choose, the further down you’ll go.

The park will be open to the public in fall of 2021. For more info on Diamondback and Alvo, please visit diamondback.com.  For more information on Berm Park, see Alvo’s video on his Youtube channel, Berm Peak.

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