DugOut Design Studio Brings Live 3D Design to Action Sports Events

February 3, 2016

Veteran X Games Course Designer Opens Portland Startup With Real-Time Design Service Tailored for Event Organizers

Portland, OR – DugOut Design Studio, a skatepark design, 3D visualization and animation company, established by veteran X Games Skatepark course designer Dug Ketterman has opened an office in Portland, Oregon’s, Pearl district. The startup focuses on providing design visualization services for marketing groups seeking event course design and creative sponsorship branding geared for the action sports user.

The DugOut design process is intended to be as easy as one-two-three for the event planner, says owner Dug Ketterman, Design your venue in real-time, Brand a course for sponsorship acquisition, and receive compelling visuals to Share and sell your event. Our design services revolutionize the event organizer’s workflow by providing a visual toolset to plan, budget, design, sell and promote their event ideas quickly and at an affordable price.

Live Design is a service offered at the DugOut which allows the client to be completely immersed in the entire event-creation process. An individual or team can watch as a vision is brought to life in real-time via shared screen or in-person. Ketterman has rarely seen others use the Live Design process in practice, and based on years of design sessions and feedback, believes it is a game-changer for conceptualizing in a group setting, as opposed to the traditionally taught hand sketching.

There are many benefits to Live Design. By working in a scale 3D environment, clients know immediately if their concepts will work within a proposed space. Marketing teams can design and modify the course, as well as place sponsorship branding within the environment. Event production teams can work out logistical issues such as camera angles, fire lanes, emergency exits and crowd viewing. Models are drawn to scale so accurate estimating packages can be quickly calculated and sent out to bid. All of this can be accomplished from anywhere via shared screen, making it easy for groups of people to plug in from around the globe, or experience it live in person. This process allows for everyone to make decisions together as a team, saving both time and money. Hi-Res 3D renderings and animated fly-throughs of the event model are also offered, which are proven great tools for sales presentations and pre-promotions via social media, websites and news releases.

Working with DugOut Design Studio has been an invaluable tool for planning and promoting many events that I have worked on over the years. We use these visuals for everything in the initial stages of planning, designing and announcing the event. We also use the animated renderings to pitch host cities and partners and to give the industry and athletes a first look at the course. DugOut Design Studio offers a quick and affordable way to create renderings that you can use to sell your event to everyone involved, including spectacular content that can be used to market your event. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the animations that DugOut creates are worth a million! says Dave Mateus, Global Director of Special Events at Nitro Circus.

On establishing his company, Ketterman states, “My goals are to streamline the design communication process, evolve the role of design as a pre-production, sales and marketing tool, and create cutting edge visual assets to engage an audience, be it a potential business partner, sponsor, athlete or fan.”

For more information on services and to view work, visit www.dugoutdesignstudio.com. Contact dug@dugoutdesignstudio.com

About DugOut Design Studio, L.L.C.
Located in Portland, OR, DugOut Design Studio is a 3D design, visualization and animation company specializing in action sports event courses and creative event branding. The company also designs private indoor sports facilities, interior retail spaces, skate art and action sports equipment. The company was established in 2015 by noted skatepark designer, Dug Ketterman.

About Dug Ketterman
Dug Ketterman leads DugOut Design Studio with 25+ years involvement in action sports and education in Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Portland. From 2009-2013, Ketterman gained valuable experience designing large scale, made-for-TV events, as Lead Designer for action sports event builder, CA RampWorks. Before that, he managed multiple skateparks throughout the midwest, south and southwest, accumulating a wealth of firsthand participant feedback on the events and features he created and oversaw at his parks. The majority of his structural and product designs have now been built, making him fluent in construction processes, materials, on-site logistics and art direction. Some of his notable design projects include: (21) X Games Skateboard/BMX Park and Street Courses, (4) Dew Tour downhill Streetyle courses, Red Bull HartlinesNike Lunar One Shot sculptureKTR Franchise and The DC Embassy.