Durability takes you places. NNormal launches a study assessing how many kilometers their shoes can last

February 8, 2024

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Using a sample of 511 runners, NNormal has subjected its Kjerag trail running shoes to extensive testing and has concluded that they can last up to 1,350 kilometers before being completely worn out.

This data is especially important as the sports equipment brand claims durability as the main factor when calculating the environmental impact of trail running shoes.

From the beginning, NNormal has committed to durability as its raison d’être. The brand, founded by Kilian Jornet and Camper in 2022, develops trail running shoes and sports equipment with the goal of each product lasting as long as possible, without compromising performance in outdoor activities.

With the belief that greater durability means less consumption and lower emissions, the brand has just published a study that determines how many kilometers a pair of Kjerag shoes can last, with the understanding that durability is essential to reduce the environmental footprint of the trail running industry.

The Study

Kjerag: designed to last

NNormal has conducted a study based on a sample of 511 runners of all levels, and has been able to verify that their Kjerag should last 1,350 kilometers before being completely worn out or before concluding their lifecycle.

To reach this conclusion, the runners who participated in the study provided data related to their weight, the kilometers covered with their Kjerag, the terrain on which they used them, and the level of wear of their shoes, which was governed by the NNormal Durability Scale. With this system, NNormal has been able to link the wear of each person’s shoes with the kilometers covered and, consequently, predict the average lifespan of the Kjerag.

The study concludes also that more than 65.16% of the runners have used the Kjerag for more than 1,000 kilometers.

The new approach

Durability: a key factor in emission calculation

Through this study, NNormal not only wants to prove the durability of its shoes but also defend durability as a significant factor in shoe development. What’s the use of calculating the emissions generated by the manufacture of a pair of shoes without knowing how many kilometers a pair of shoes last? This is the question that led the brand to conduct its analysis.

NNormal firmly believes that durability should be part of the equation when calculating the environmental impact of sports equipment, and therefore wants to advocate for this methodology.

Last year, NNormal estimated that the emissions from their Kjerag and Tomir shoes amount to 7.5 CO2 per pair. Through estimating the average 1,350 kilometers that consumers can travel with their Kjerag, the brand has obtained the significant data that these shoes generate only 5.5 kg of CO2 per 1,000 kilometers.

For this reason, it encourages runners to ask themselves: how long have my shoes lasted?

In this sense, Brianna Rita Pagán, NNormal advocate and Deputy Manager at NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Center, has pointed out that “thinking about the carbon footprint of a shoe per kilometer, rather than just the total carbon cost, makes sense. We observe how carbon accumulates in the shoe over time and use, not just at the moment of its manufacture. This helps us determine which shoes are better for the planet, considering their durability and longevity. This can also motivate companies to design shoes that are better for our planet in the long term.”


The research continues

Currently, NNormal is working on a study that will test its iconic Tomir shoe, a symbol of durability and resistance, to determine how many kilometers on average consumers can use it. Due to its commitment to the planet, the brand will continue to focus on durability.

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