Eagle Creek Introduces Jessica Dodson – Resident Travel Expert

December 12, 2017

San Diego, Ca. – Visiting 7 countries and 12 states in just the last 2 years, Eagle Creek’s Brand Marketing Manager, Jessica Dodson is truly a world traveler. As the newly anointed Eagle Creek Resident Travel Expert, Jessica gets to share her experience and expertise with travel junkies throughout the world in an easily accessible manner, with tips, videos and photography for those who love to plan, pack and dream.

With more than half a decade of communicating the benefits of not just specific products but how they work together. Jessica is a bonafide travel expert, and Eagle Creek is leveraging her vault of knowledge to help travelers and travel retailers, from the uninitiated, to the experienced, to the daydreaming.

Jessica and her team will regularly introduce new Travel Tip videos, including how to pack, and miscellaneous travel tips with shopable links to make it easer than ever to get out the door and Find Your Unknown. The Eagle Creek blog will feature posts to accompany the videos for deeper information on specific product or places and some amazing images.

Of course, every well-packed bag starts with Pack-It, but it’s more than just the physical tools. Jessica provides handy insider tips on how to best fill a bag to get more stuff into less space. Mental preparation is half the battle of packing, and the new monthly videos offer a view into the planning process that will help every traveler pack for a week or more in just a carry-on bag.

Eagle Creek’s travel tip-centric blog offers access to helpful packing and travel videos, drool-worthy photography and inspirational vacation ideas. Planted across expanded platforms, these tips and ideas enable Eagle Creek to better serve the consumer, making it easier than ever to find all the planning, packing and product information you could ever need. Whether finding inspiration for your next adventure, shopping for the gear you need to hit the road, or getting the scoop on how and what to pack, Eagle Creek is your go-to travel resource.


Eagle Creek is the original inspirator of getting outside – outside the familiar and the well worn paths. We take journeys that lead us outside our comfort zone toward new levels of understanding, growth and connection. We exist to serve all generations of travelers, backpackers, jet-setters, and weekend nomads looking for something deeper, something greater. This insight informs the products we make, the places we touch, and the people we meet to unlock new perspectives in our shared explorations of life. Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.

Alli Noland
Terra PR