Eagle Creek Launches Infographic Series Outlining the Benefits of Travel

June 28, 2018

Fun and Easy to Consume Pieces for Any Audience

San Diego, CA Eagle Creek is excited to launch their new series of infographics outlining the benefits of travel, starting with “Why A Life of Travel is Worth the Price.”

Infographics are yet another tool Eagle Creek has developed to help retailers elevate the benefits of travel, as well as connect with consumers on Pinterest and various blogs they’re reading. Understanding where their dollars go and how tourism can positively impact the places they visit, is something to be proud of. 

Eagle Creek’s perspective that travel is so vitally important to community and individual health and perspective, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, is top of mind and supported by their recently launched Find Your Unknown campaign and new brand tagline.

From reduced stress to feeling more connected and helping local economies, travel offers many hidden benefits and this new infographic series breaks down the troves of information into palatable pieces and shares them in a fun and engaging platform. 

“We know that people enjoy travel,” said Jessica Dodson, Brand Marketing Manager at Eagle Creek. “But we also know many prioritize work over personal travel and development. We’re hoping these infographics remind people why travel is such a wonderful opportunity, and an invitation to explore and engage beyond everyday life.  Dodson Continued, “travel is without a doubt natural for some, especially young people, but we also realize that some need more motivation than others. So we’re trying to speak to those people and help them realize it can be done – and that the rewards are immeasurable.”

New infographics will be available quarterly on the Eagle Creek blog, follow along.


Eagle Creek is the original inspirator of getting outside – outside the familiar and the well worn paths. We take journeys that lead us outside our comfort zone toward new levels of understanding, growth and connection. We exist to serve all generations of travelers, backpackers, jet-setters, and weekend nomads looking for something deeper, something greater. This insight informs the products we make, the places we touch, and the people we meet to unlock new perspectives in our shared explorations of life. Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.

Alli Noland
Terra PR