Eagle Creek Partners with Batiquitos Lagoon and WILDCOAST

May 2, 2017

Teaming Up For Service Day April 2017

San Diego, Ca. (May 2, 2017) – As part of their continuing efforts to give back to the community, the staff at Eagle Creek wrapped another successful Service Day on April 20, 2017, partnering with the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation and WILDCOAST to work on and around Batiquitos Lagoon, one of the few remaining tidal wetlands in California. Located near San Diego, CA, the lagoon area offers a Nature Center with guided walking trails suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, special events, fishing, and a kids’ summer camp. Just a few miles from Eagle Creek HQ, the lagoon has over 2 miles of trails that many employees love exploring.

The Eagle Creek team helped by maintaining a popular hiking trail, removing a massive amount of invasive species from the trail and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, another group rebuilt a rope fence along a different section of the trail, and yet another team worked on improving the on-site garden at the lagoon.

“The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation exists because of all of the volunteers who come from the local community and the corporate groups,” said Deb Mossa, Board Member of the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation. “We thank Eagle Creek for coming out because we wouldn’t have anybody to help us maintain the trails if we didn’t have volunteers.  This is a community effort to help get us where we want to go, and the goal is to keep Batiquitos beautiful. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance, and Eagle Creek has helped us do that today, so thank you all very much!”

“Wildcoast is an international team conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. We are proud to have participated in the Batiquitos Lagoon service day with Eagle Creek and look forward to supporting future efforts to conserve our Marine Protected Areas and to get people to enjoy the outdoors and engaged in conservation,” said Angela Kemsley, MPA Watch Program Coordinator for Wildcoast.

“We love Service Day,” said Jessica Dodson, Brand Marketing Manager at Eagle Creek. “Our team at Eagle Creek understands the importance of our environment and we’re happy to get involved and give back. Helping our community not only gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment, but we know that our work will be enjoyed by many locals and visitors for years to come. It’s an honor to be involved.”

Eagle Creek is a proud sponsor of the semi-annual Service Day and applauds the commitment and generosity of their employees.

Eagle Creek: eaglecreek.com
Eagle Creek on Facebook: facebook.com/EagleCreek
WILDCOAST: wildcoast.net
Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation: batiquitosfoundation.org


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The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, and protection of Batiquitos Lagoon, one of the few remaining tidal wetlands on the southern California coast, encouraging establishment of a tidally flushed lagoon to promote water quality and support of salt marsh habitat and to conserve land in or adjacent to the lagoon for public access, hiking trails, viewpoint parks, educational opportunities, scientific research, and habitat preservation.

For more information, please visit: http://www.batiquitosfoundation.org/


WILDCOAST is an international group that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. In 2017, working in partnership with local communities and the Mexican government we will protect islands, reefs, and mangrove ecosystems as well as involve local fishing families in conservation endeavors that provide a sustainable lifeways for people whose lives are intertwined with coral reefs and mangroves treasures. For more information, please visit: http://www.wildcoast.net/

Alli Noland
Terra PR