Eagle Creek Picks First of Six Quit Your Job and Travel Winners

May 15, 2019

San Diego, Ca. Seattle based Dawnielle René, who hasn’t taken any vacation days in the last two years in now set to travel the world.

Dawnielle is the first of six lucky winners who gets to travel anywhere she wants, courtesy of Eagle Creek. As adventurers themselves who firsthand know the power of travel, when Eagle Creek learned 700 Million vacation hours a year go unused, they wanted to do something about it. They dove into more stats, learning travel makes you healthier and happier, makes you a more productive worker and twice as likely to get a raise.

“Oh, my goodness, I am so excited!” Dawnielle René exclaimed upon hearing that she had been selected. “Italy has been a dream of mine forever, my mom has always made the most wonderful Italian food and I’d love to experience the real thing. When I’m stressed out at work, dreaming of Italy makes me happy.”

“We are so excited to help Dawnielle finally use her heard-earned vacation days and find her unknown,” said Monica Rigali, Director of Marketing at Eagle Creek. “Dawnielle is the ideal candidate to help Eagle Creek share the love of travel, opening new doors and unlocking the wonders of humanity and the world. Her passion for travel has been on the back burner for over two years and we’re looking forward to reigniting the flame.”

The Quit Your Job Tour has four more audition stops to go through July including New York (May 18), Chicago (June 8), Portland (July 13), and San Francisco (July 27).

*You don’t have to quit your job to travel. However, Eagle Creek is encouraging people to take those vacation days, and just get out there. They’ve built a whole resource site with sample out of office messages, resignation letters and useful tips like how to save for travel, couch surfing etiquette, and how to travel for less. Find these and more on their website.

Visit Eaglecreek.com/QuitYourJob for more information and find the nearest audition location today.

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