Eagle Creek Sponsors PCT P3 Program in 2017

April 25, 2017

Helping Hikers Promote Responsible Use

San Diego, CA  Eagle Creek is proud to announce that it is a sponsor of the new P3 program from the Pacific Crest Trail Association, helping 10 thru-hikers promote responsible use of the PCT.

As part of a joint effort between the PCTA and their partners, P3 will highlight 10 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers to help promote and advocate for the PCT. The hikers will share their experiences during their hikes between Mexico and Canada through blogs and social media.

“Eagle Creek has long been involved in conservation, and the PCTA has been a focus for years,” said Tim McGuire, Director of Sales North America at Eagle Creek. “From the very beginning, the brand has recognized the value of experiencing the wild in its most natural form, and the Pacific Crest Trail winds through some of our country’s most amazing scenery, resources and habitat. For those who love and value wildlands like those the PCT passes through, that value transcends the personal to the global, and we’re proud to help protect that.” McGuire is also a proud member of the Board of Directors for the PCTA.

“What makes P3 unique is an emphasis on PCT stewardship—hence the three P’s: Protect, Preserve, and Promote,” said Scott Wilkinson, PCTA’s director of communications and marketing. “As the PCT becomes more popular, it’s more important than ever for hikers to minimize their impact on the trail. We believe this extraordinary group of P3 Hikers will inspire a wide audience through their photos and stories from the trail.”

Eagle Creek is outfitting all 10 P3 hikers with new ultra lightweight Pack-It Specter Tech™ packing Cubes and Toiletry Kits, which are launching at retail July 2017. “PCT Thru-hikers are very concerned with weight,” said Daniel Funk, Marketing Coordinator at Eagle Creek. “Every ounce counts, but organization is also critical when living out of one bag for so long. Pack-It Specter Tech will help the hikers compress their gear and know where everything is, without adding weight.”

P3 Hiker J.J. King, from Moran, Wyoming, is a retired U.S. Navy captain who is now a seasonal ranger for the National Park Service. “Promoting a greater awareness into the fragility of this iconic trail,” he says, “will ensure that this current generation of hikers will leave it unimpaired for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.”

The first P3 Hikers started their journeys on the Mexican border near Campo, California during the week of April 10. Other hikers begin on dates throughout the rest of April and early May. One hiker will be doing an unusual southbound hike and start in Canada in July.


P3 Program: pcta.org/p3
Pacific Crest Trail Association website: pcta.org/
PCTA Facebook: facebook.com/PCTAFan/
Eagle Creek website: eaglecreek.com
Eagle Creek Facebook: facebook.com/eaglecreek/


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Alli Noland
Terra PR