eGrips Launches New Flower Line by Scott Ossim

February 3, 2022

Lafayette, CO /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – eGrips, manufacturers of the most artistic climbing hold designs, is proud to introduce its newest collection for indoor climbing, the Flower line. Created by eGrip’s newest shaper, Scott Ossim, the Flower line features holds with carefully sloping edges that are excellent for large, dynamic movement and are a welcomed addition to eGrip’s ever-expanding family of holds.

Inspired by flower petals gracefully falling through the air, the new Flower line is perfect for creating eye-catching monostylistic routes and problems. The collection of over 30 holds ranges from the large Flower Power, a size 7 hold with enough surface area for all hands and feet, to the Flower crimps, a set of 10 holds with varying incuts sure to challenge any climber. The carefully sloping edges on the flower shapes are challenging enough to grab, yet easy on the finger tendons to reduce any chance of injuries. The holds are excellent for setting dynamic moves on moderately overhanging terrain.

The release of the new style coincides with the introduction of the latest addition to the eGrips team, shaper Scott Ossim. Ossim drew inspiration for the new Flower line from his years of experience in the climbing industry, working with gyms around the world and helping them to outfit their walls with shapes that keep climbers coming back for more.

Ossim envisioned a family of shapes that  setters could use to create unique, demanding, routes in the distinct Flower style, catching people’s attention from across the room and drawing climbers in. Ossim says, “I love when climbers spot a route as soon as they enter a gym and say, ‘I want to try THAT one!’”

About Trango

Trango has been designing climbing gear in the Front Range since 1991 and remains passionate about creating innovative, solution-oriented products that help climbers achieve the next level in the sport. Beyond award-winning climbing equipment, Trango is also the U.S. distributor for Spanish rock-climbing shoe company Tenaya while also owning eGrips, a rock-climbing hold company that produces climbing grips in Colorado.