Electric Goes Fishing with Todd Kline

March 21, 2017

San Clemente, California (March, 21, 2017)Electric, the California based eyewear brand, recently announced a partnership with Todd Kline, both as an ambassador and to provide marketing support for the fishing market. Todd’s marketing experience in the surf industry combined with his passion and knowledge of fishing make him the perfect fit to spearhead Electric’s fishing program. Todd will be focused as an ambassador as well as on development of event, retail, and media partnerships for the Electric brand. Todd will help to amplify the voice of Electric’s presence in the fishing market in 2017 and beyond.

“Electric has been making the highest possible quality polarized sunglasses in both polycarbonate and glass lenses for over 15 years. There are thousands of both fresh and salt water fisherman who wear Electric, not only because of our quality, but because they identify with the brand. Electric stands for living a highly energized lifestyle. For most of our customers, fishing is one of their passions, but not all there is to the story. I’ve known Todd for over 20 years and his personal evolution is directly in line with millions of people from our generation. We are really happy to add him as a key voice for the brand.”  – Eric Crane, Electric CEO and Creative Director.

“As a lifelong surfer and fisherman, I have always worn sunglasses to get the most out of my days on the beach and while out on the boat fishing. It is incredibly important to be able to break through the surface glare on the water in order to fish effectively. A great, polarized frame allows you to see structure below the surface to make the best possible cast, see fish, and track your bait. Whether I am guiding clients or fishing a tournament, being able to see fish and the structure below the surface of the water will make or break my day. I have been testing and loving the entire line of Electric polarized product. The OHM lens is incredible and the polarization is of the highest quality. Aside from the quality of the product, the brand means so much to me and I think it will for other anglers as well. There are many anglers who want quality product first and foremost but want it from a brand that represents who they are. Many of the anglers not only fish, but they ride moto, snowboard, skate and surf and want a brand that fully represents all of their passions. Now they have a home. I am excited to work with friends from the surfing and fishing world to bring Electric to the forefront of the fishing market. It is a must-have product for any angler who is serious about his or her fishing!”

– Todd Kline, Electric Fishing Ambassador and Marketer

About Todd Kline

Todd was born and raised in South Florida, where growing up he developed a passion for fishing. As a teenager, Todd’s other passion was surfing and he began surfing more than fishing. Todd turned his surfing passion into a profession at the age of 18. He made a living surfing for seven years competing around the world, highlighted by four World Qualifying event wins. He then parlayed his surfing into a marketing position with his current sponsor at the time, Quiksilver, and rode that wave for 17 years finishing up as a Marketing Director. He now commentates for the World Surf League’s Championship Tour events. When not on the road, Todd loves fishing now more than ever. He says it gives him the same feeling he got at the age of five back in Florida. That sense of escape and the connection with nature is why he began fishing and surfing. Similar to surfing, he loves competing in fishing tournaments against top anglers.

About Electric OHM Polarized Sunglasses

Focused on style and performance, Electric’s entire polarized collection is built for life on the water. Offered in both 8 base and 6 base frames, the Electric OHM Polarized lens is second to none when it comes to clarity and protection. The OHM lens, an acronym for Optical Health through Melanin, is infused with synthetic melanin, giving your eyes the same protection from the sun’s harmful blue light rays your skin gets when sunscreen is applied. The lenses are made from the highest quality polycarbonate and Italian glass material available. Offered in multiple lens colors and coatings, coupled with frame shapes and designs, every type of angler can find something they love in Electric’s polarized collection.

About Electric 

Founded in 2000 by second generation eyewear category leaders, Electric is a participant owned, global, premium eyewear brand rooted in Southern California’s rich music, art, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, outdoor sport, and customization culture. Electric designs and markets an extensive line of award winning sunglasses made in Italy of the highest quality, designed and tested in California’s rich natural landscapes. Snow goggles, watches, bags, apparel and accessories support eyewear in over 60 countries throughout the globe. For more information on Electric please visit: electriccalifornia.com