Erem™ Announces Commitment to Plant 1 Million Cactus Pear Cacti

April 19, 2022

The sustainable desert performance brand identifies the cactus pear cactus as a catalyst to address climate issues

HENDERSON, NV (April 19, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – The world is getting hotter and there are decreasing reserves of natural resources available to us. Climate change, related water scarcity and food insecurity are the defining global challenges. Much of the Western United States is experiencing severe drought conditions, fires are raging, and agriculture is being upended.

Erem, the sustainable desert performance brand, believes that we must begin accounting for the desert in our calculus for how to solve our planet’s largest and most pressing problems. 30% of the earth’s landmass is desert, and 20% of the global population lives on these lands. To address a planet-scale challenge, we need to stop ignoring a major percentage of our planet

This is why Erem is committed to identifying and scaling the desert’s most promising solutions to our planet’s toughest challenges. And today, Erem is officially announcing its commitment to plant 1 million cactus pear cacti through Erem’s Cactus Pear Program.

“As a desert company, we applaud the UN’s goal to plant 1 trillion trees but recognize that this goal isn’t relevant for a massive portion of the planet, and so doesn’t go far enough,” states Noah Swartz, Erem’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Planting cactus pear is a better solution for arid landscapes in terms of long-term carbon sequestration, protecting local ecology, revitalizing local economies, and conserving precious water resources.”

While planting 1 million cactus pear is just the first step in harnessing the desert to protect the planet, the potential impact from this plan is enormous: billions of pounds of carbon permanently pulled out of the atmosphere, billions of gallons of fresh water kept in our rivers, millions of pounds of nutritious food grown to feed hungry people, and the creation of  an abundant, renewable bioenergy source that can be used in a collective shift away from fossil fuels.

Since launching last November, Erem planted its first 250 cactus pear cacti at a pilot site outside of Joshua Tree and is now beginning to scale its Cactus Pear Program by cultivating thousands more this spring. Erem will use proceeds from every sale of its products to fund this program until the goal of a million cacti is reached with partner farmers all over the world. Additionally, Erem is promoting cactus pear products via its Marketplace to build customer demand for these incredible plants which will further accelerate cactus propagation. Erem is also developing a coalition of like-minded conservationists and climate change activists all committed to the goal of 1 million cactus pears, including working with the newly formed nonprofit Carbon Cactus Foundation, which will be matching Erem’s cactus pear financial contribution in 2022.

Along with partner AutoCamp, Erem also announced plans to host a launch celebration of the cactus pear movement. As part of the event, media will learn more about why these plants are so special, including having the opportunity to plant their own cactus pear cacti. The event will be held outside of Joshua Tree National Park, in Southern California, at AutoCamp’s newly opened Joshua Tree location, from May 2-4.

Swartz adds, “We hope our 1M cacti can be the case study that paves the way for others to start including the desert more strategically into their initiatives to fight the climate-crisis.”

For additional information about Erem’s Cactus Pear Climate Driven Mission, go to https://eremlife.com/blogs/blog/some-see-a-cactus-we-see-a-catalyst .



Founded in 2021 by a father-and-son team of environmental footwear innovators, Erem is the first outdoor brand focused on desert performance. Launching with Biocircular™ desert hiking boots, Erem’s Xerocole™ collection uses only materials with 100% proven paths back to nature; the company also incentivizes customers to return products to be repaired or restreamed into new uses. Erem believes that performance gear made for enjoying the planet should not harm the planet, and so is on a mission to raise the sustainability standard for outdoor products. The name “Erem,” pronounced Eh-rem, is an acronym adapted from the ancient Greek word for desert that stands for Exceptional, Responsible, Enduring, and Motivated. This is the company’s product promise and brand philosophy. To learn more, visit eremlife.com.