Erem™ Steps Up with New Hires to Support Growth

March 16, 2022

HENDERSON, NV /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Erem, the sustainable desert performance footwear brand, launched by a fourth-generation bootmaker last November, has been on a hiring spree to support the company’s rapid growth. The brand announced four new hires today.

“The initial reaction to our products has been incredibly positive and it quickly became clear we needed to scale up our team,” said Noah Swartz, Cofounder and CEO of Erem. “We’re excited to bring on talent for newly created positions in order to bolster our business platform and augment our brand team.”

Erem’s recent marketing team hires include:

  • Sofia DeWolfe – DeWolfe served as the marketing manager at Chums, maker of eyewear retainer and outdoor accessories, where she was responsible for the development of campaigns, social platforms, influencer programs, marketing events, copywriting, and PR. She joins Erem as the brand’s digital marketing manager.
  • Jeff LaBonte – LaBonte served as the go-to-market and brand marketing manager at Vail Resorts. Prior, he worked in several brand marketing positions with brands including Eagle Creek and JanSport. LaBonte joins the Erem team as its Senior Marketing Manager.
  • Nick Wheeler – Wheeler was appointed as Erem’s Director of Growth Marketing. Formerly, he worked at Quirk Auto Dealers and additionally a freelance consultant with a focus on digital media.
  • Emily Macon – Macon previously worked as an adventure guide for REI. Prior she worked in field marketing and events for Deckers brands. She joins the Erem team as a Marketing Coordinator with a focus on providing consumer insights from the field to assist brand-building efforts.

“We are excited to welcome this group of passionate marketers into the Erem family,” said Jax Mariash Mustafa, Vice President of Marketing at Erem. “They have a very keen sense for connecting brands with consumers through authentic content and messaging that we hope resonates with our core and introduces us to new audiences.”



Founded in 2021 by a father-and-son team of environmental footwear innovators, Erem is the first outdoor brand focused on desert performance. Launching with Biocircular™ desert hiking boots, Erem’s Xerocole™ collection uses only materials with 100% proven paths back to nature; the company also incentivizes customers to return products to be repaired or restreamed into new uses. Erem believes that performance gear made for enjoying the planet should not harm the planet, and so is on a mission to raise the sustainability standard for outdoor products. The name “Erem,” pronounced Eh-rem, is an acronym adapted from the ancient Greek word for desert that stands for Exceptional, Responsible, Enduring, and Motivated. This is the company’s product promise and brand philosophy. To learn more, visit eremlife.com.