Everybody wants to save the whales, and everybody wants to wear cool socks – Now they can, with KAVU

August 16, 2019

Seattle apparel brand to donate Orca Sock profits to The Center for Whale Research

SEATTLE – New for fall 2019, the Orca Sock from KAVU will benefit the Center for Whale Research (CWR), the leading voice for the gravely endangered southern resident killer whales (orcas). The Orca Sock features rad killer whale patterns in a wool/synthetic blend, and 20 percent of the profits from their sales will go toward the study and conservation of orcas.

With a clear spirit to protect the planet and do everything possible as a company to reduce the negative and increase the positive, KAVU is continuously committed to protecting Mother Nature from harm, so we can all keep playing outside.

“Orcas are important. We grew up with them in the San Juan Islands,” said KAVU Founder Barry Barr. “Some of my best memories are camping in San Juan County Park on the west side of the island. You can camp right at the water, facing west, and the sunset is amazing. You’ll see orcas swimming by, and at night, you can hear them coming to surface and breathing. The sun sets over the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It’s mind blowing.”

The CWR has generated more than four decades worth of scientific research and health assessments. This work has been used to inform decision makers and elected officials about the whales’ ecosystem requirements to ensure the future viability of this playful, social and beloved population of animals. CWR’s unique, on-the-water research approach entails recording information through whale encounters that provide essential social, demographic, health and geographic information.

The new Orca Socks will sell for $25 and be available at the KAVU Stores in Downtown Seattle and Ballard and online, starting August 15, 2019.

About KAVU

Founded in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, KAVU has created clothing and accessories for living life to the fullest since it all started with the Strap Cap in 1993. KAVU derives from the aviation acronym, “Clear Above Visibility Unlimited,” when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see all the way to the horizon. That limitless feeling is the guiding principle in everything KAVU does. It means treating every day like it’s special, getting out there and doing whatever invigorates you. KAVU products are an expression of this approach to life: true outdoor wear designed to spread that good-time attitude. Learn more at www.kavu.com.