Evolv + Mesa Rim Launch Test Center Pilot Program

October 5, 2020

New Program Allows Customers to Test Evolv’s Latest Shoe Lines

Orange County, Calif. (October 2020)– Evolv, the southern California modern climbing company rooted in progression and creative self-expression, today announced that it has partnered with Mesa Rim to launch a pilot Test Center at Mesa Rim’s gym location in Reno, Nev.

The Test Center will give climbers the chance to try all of Evolv’s newest shoes, like the 2021 Zenist and Geshido as soon as they are available, as well as other benchmark shoes like the Phantom, Rave, Shakra, and Shaman.  Mesa Rim will have all sizes on hand, so climbers can try different models and sizes to find the best match for all their climbing needs. Every shoe will be disinfected after each use.

Once climbers decide which model is best for them, Mesa Rim employees will place the order via a dedicated online portal and have the shoes shipped to the customer’s home or the climbing gym.

“We’ve had the idea for an Evolv test center for a couple of years, and now with Mesa Rim, we have found the right partner to launch it with,” said Jacob Jeffries, Evolv’s North American Sales Manager. “In the future, we intend to roll out this program on a global level.  Especially with COVID restrictions putting traditional demo days on hold in many areas, finding a solution that allows climbers to test our latest shoes as soon as they come out became critically important”.

For gyms wanting more information on the Test Center program contact Jacob.jeffries@evolvsports.com.

For local information on Mesa Rim Reno please visit the Mesa Rim website https://mesarim.com/reno/or contact Mesa Rim directly at renoproshop@mesarim.com.


Based in Orange County, Ca and founded in 2003 by Brian Chung. Evolv is a modern climbing company rooted in progression and creative self-expression. Since the beginning, Evolv has created technical innovations in service of a new generation of climbers and celebrated the diverse voices that make up our growing community. The brand also supports and collaborates with a powerful and diverse group of athletes, including Daniel Woods, Kai Lightner, Ashima Shiraishi, Paul Robinson, Steph Davis, Colin Duffy, Alex Johnson, Justin Salas, Dru Mack and many other global athletes.

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The Oberalp Group, with headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, is a family-owned business with over 700 employees worldwide. Founded in 1846, it is the parent company for Evolv and premier mountain brands Wild Country, Dynafit, Salewa and Pomoca. The Oberauch family embraces a working culture that is characterized by mutual trust and individual motivation. With an unbounded passion for sport and mountains, it emboldens its employees to have the courage to follow new paths and to seek continuous innovation of products and processes through thoughtful stewardship of resources and the environment.