Evolv Sports and Designs launches an affordable adaptive foot for climbing.

April 20, 2017

Evolv Sports and Designs furthers their commitment to the adaptive community with the launch of the EAF (Evolv Adaptive Foot) an affordable option for lower limb amputees looking to get into rock climbing.

For years Evolv has manufactured the Eldo-Z shoe to go with a prosthetic. But due to high manufacturing costs and difficulty with insurance coverage to cover the costs of the prosthetic (which is usually above $1,000) many amputees looking to explore rock climbing are immediately turned away or are forced to improvise and create their own foot options.

“I was going to national level events, and seeing amputees climb with cut 2×4’s and some rubber glued to it being used as climbing feet,” commented Matthew Hulet, Brand Manager for Evolv. “I knew we had to find a better option.”

“The foot (EAF) is going to revolutionize access to adaptive climbing for lower limb amputees,” added Ronnie Dickson, an above the knee amputee, Professional Climber and Prosthetist living in Orlando Florida. “Now even those participating in the sport at the recreational and beginner levels will have access because of the price point, making their experience more positive, giving them confidence back in their body and capabilities,”

Craig Demartino, a Professional Climber who lost his leg in a climbing accident and lives in Loveland Colorado said “Having and affordable high performance foot brings adaptive climbing to a whole new audience. Now, if someone has the will to climb, there is a way!”

“It gives me the opportunity to provide more people access to climbing and stay in a non-profit budget,” stated Kareemah Batts, Founder of the Adaptive Climb Group in New York City. “The EAF allows lower extremity amputees to take their climbing to another level that they would not be able to with an everyday prosthetic.”

The EAF is expected to be available by the end of April and will be sold direct to the customers through Evolv.

Cost $200