Farm to Feet Releases Final Installment of its American Made Video Series

October 29, 2018

Mt. Airy, North Carolina (October 29, 2018) — Today, Farm to Feet, the North Carolina based sock brand, released its third film in the American Made video series which brings the personalities profiled on its sock packaging to life.

The third film in the series features Ken and Deloris Shumate who work together at Nester Hosiery making Farm to Feet socks. Ken is one of Nester Hosiery’s original employees and Deloris joined a few short years later.  The video follows the two through their day making socks and out on the water as the two follow their passion for fishing.  The video is available at

“Ken, with his manufacturing knowledge, and Deloris, with her contagious smile, provide leadership and a positive attitude that inspires and boosts morale for us all at Farm to Feet and Nester Hosiery,” said David Petri, Farm to Feet VP of Marketing.

Each Farm to Feet sock is named for a location related to the brand and features the story of someone involved with the brand; factory worker, rancher, business partner, athlete.

The first video in the series profiled Cliff Cox of Chargeurs Wool, Farm to Feet’s processed wool supplier in Jamestown, SC.  The video chronicles Cliff’s 40-year career at Chargeurs and his passion for triathlons and the outdoors.

The second video featured Joseph Benson, a material handler at Farm to Feet yarn supplier Kent Wool.  Joseph’s story centers on his creative side and his love of poetry.

To view the complete American Made video series visit

Farm to Feet celebrates the American manufacturing tradition by creating the world’s best socks designed for everyone to follow their own trail.  Driven by detail and an independent spirit, Farm to Feet produces its socks in its sustainability focused facility in Mt. Airy, NC. Employing the most advanced knitting techniques, Farm to Feet makes the most comfortable and feature-rich socks available.  Farm to Feet believes socks are meant for the outdoors and is committed to improving the outdoor recreational experience and advocating for the protection of wild places. Learn more at and join us on Facebook.