Fenix Launches a Product Bonanza with a New Headlamp and Flashlight Release — Meet the HM61R V2.0 and the E35R

March 22, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Headlamp loyalists and flashlight enthusiasts — both have a reason to rejoice! Fenix has just launched its newest products, the Fenix HM61R V2.0 and the E35R. Showcasing its wide range when it comes to functional lights, Fenix offers enhanced performance with both of these new products.

The newest everyday carry light, the E35R is compact and powerful. It sits at only 4.72 inches (120 mm) long but can blast a maximum of 3100 lumens across a distance of 853 ft (260 m). This improved performance and built-in rechargeability sets it apart from its predecessor, the E35 V3.0.

Not only is the E35R a high-performance EDC, but it is also versatile. A magnetic tail on its end allows you to attach it to most metal surfaces for hands-free use. The E35R is also USB-C rechargeable. A battery level indicator add to its useful features while its waterproof and dustproof body make it a reliable piece of gear in various environments. The E35R, with its compact size and practical features is an excellent choice for everyday lighting needs.

The HM61R V2.0 is an upgrade to the HM61R. One of the biggest differentiators from its previous version is that the HM61R V2.0 allows you to access the red light mode directly— saving your night vision by not having to cycle through the white light modes. Like its predecessor, the HM61R V2.0 can be used as a right-angle flashlight. The base of the flashlight is magnetic, so you can access hands-free lighting even without the headband.

Providing a maximum of 1600 lumens, the HM61R V2.0 offers exceptional illumination. In addition, the large-glove friendly switch allows you to easily cycle through all of the light’s modes, making this rechargeable headlamp excellent for all conditions.

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