Fenix Launches CL26R PRO — A Rechargeable Lantern Built for Easy Use and High Performance

August 31, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Just in time for fall camping season, Fenix has unveiled its latest innovative product, the Fenix CL26R PRO. Offering a maximum of 500 lumens and the option to choose from nine different lighting modes, this rechargeable lantern promises to be a useful addition to any camping gear.

One of the things that sets the CL26R PRO apart from competitors is its easy functionality — a must-have on outdoor adventures. Select the type of light you want by using the rotary dial and the electronic switch together which allows you to access the 360° illumination and downlight simultaneously. Ease-of-use makes this rechargeable lantern suitable whether you want light inside your tent, or want to illuminate your picnic table.

In addition to other lighting modes, the CL26R PRO also comes with red light and flashing red light modes. Not only is the red light mode an excellent option for night reading while outdoors, but it’s also a good feature to have should you find yourself in an emergency like a vehicle breakdown on a road trip.

While this rechargeable lantern can be placed vertically or mounted using its magnetic top, a retractable hook also makes it convenient to hook it up to the inside of your tent for overhead illumination.

To add to the CL26R PRO’s suitability for outdoor adventures, this light can also be used as a backup power bank enabling you to charge your other devices should they run low on battery. A battery indicator also allows you to keep an eye on the light’s runtime.

Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, the IP66-rated CL26R Pro boasts a rugged and durable construction making it an ideal addition to your camping kit.

About Fenix Lighting

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