Fenix Raises The Bar For Everyday Carry Lights With The Launch of LD12R

September 13, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – If you think everyday carry lights are not exactly high-performance tools, the newly-launched Fenix LD12R will change your mind.

Throwing a maximum of 600 lumens across a distance of 610 ft (186 m), this latest offering from Fenix is built to deliver exceptional performance while maintaining a low profile. With a length of 4.76” (121mm) and a weight of 2.61 oz. (74g) including battery, the LD12R is designed to go everywhere with you.

One of its standout features includes a dual light source – one through its powerful main light that provides impressive brightness and another through a useful side light for utility.

The light’s body clip includes a magnet, which means you can not only affix it to your clothing or backpack but also attach it to most metal surfaces for hands free lighting.

Loosening the light’s head reveals a hidden USB-Type C charging port. This helps the LD12R maintain its clean look while also keeping the charging port free of dirt, debris, and water. Add its IP68 waterproof rating to the mix and you’ll see how this latest EDC from Fenix is a go-anywhere light.

The LD12R is a versatile flashlight built strong enough to withstand the outdoors while delivering bright illumination that is perfect for navigating your environment – no matter where you are.

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