Flume Introduces New Paradigm of Botanical Supplements

January 13, 2021

Launches First-Ever Product Line Designed to Fuel the Flow State

San Francisco, CA – January 13, 2021. Just in time for 2021 wellness resolutions, Flume announced today the launch of the first-ever line of botanical supplements created to help athletes experience the flow state, an optimal mental state where you feel and perform your best. The suite of complementary products, FLOW, BASK and DRIFT, relies on science-backed botanicals, including those known as adaptogens and nootropics, to enhance pre-workout energy and focus, speed post-workout recovery and support restorative sleep. Removing barriers to the flow state allows athletes to relish the experience of their pursuits, break through mental and physical limitations and enjoy myriad health benefits.

 “The euphoric feeling of flow is what keeps many athletes, especially those engaged in adventure sports like trail running, mountain biking and surfing, motivated to keep refining their skills and seeking out new challenges.” Explains Dr. Taryn Forrelli, Flume’s co-founder and product formulator. “In flow, the body is flooded with reward chemicals like dopamine, endorphins and anandamide (also known as the bliss molecule), that make you feel amazing both physically and mentally – a natural “high” of sorts. On top of the immediate performance and mood-boosting benefits, research shows that people who experience flow regularly enjoy happier lives along with greater physical and mental wellbeing. Flow is an evolutionary reward for movement and one of the most pleasurable drivers of health available to us.”

Flume’s focus on plant-based ingredients, wellness, and the joy of the athletic pursuit is in stark contrast to the sports-nutrition industry’s obsession with measurable performance and reliance on synthetic ingredients. The brand’s mission is to inspire users to get outdoors, immerse themselves in nature and move their bodies to activate the flow state – which has the benefits of improving performance while enhancing experience and wellbeing both on and off the trail. Says Forrelli, “Anyone with an active lifestyle can reap the benefits of our products.”

She goes on to explain, “While a supplement cannot induce the flow state on its own since individuals must consciously direct their energy toward a challenging activity they are skilled at and set their own performance goals, certain botanicals known as nootropics can support an essential requirement, namely focus and concentration. Other botanicals called adaptogens can help remove barriers to flow like stress, low energy, lack of sleep and physical discomfort. Essentially, the higher your baseline level of health is, the more likely you are to achieve flow on the regular.”

Forrelli, a naturopathic physician and Flume CEO, knows about supplements and the health rewards of movement. She was Head of Productat Olly– start-up pioneers in the gummy vitamin space – and has been researching and developing category-leading dietary supplements for nearly 20 years. She’s also an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trail running and mountain biking on the trails around her home in Marin County, CA. Dr. Forrelli relied on her industry knowledge, deep understanding of the science of botanicals and personal athletic experiences to formulate Flume’s products to work together as a holistic system.

“In formulating the products, I was inspired by the research showing that key chemistries in plants may support the brain chemistries believed to be at the heart of the flow state. It is well established that caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain, so I included a caffeine-containing botanical from the Amazonian rainforest called Guayusa in our FLOW pre-workout formula to support energy and focus. Another botanical, Galangal, commonly known as Thai Ginger, has similarly been proposed to exert its clinically studied effects on mental alertness through the dopamine pathway. Then there is Maca and Cacao, which contain compounds that preclinical suggests supports anandamide. The ingredients make for a product experience you can really feel.”

 Flume Products:

FLOW Pre-Workout Botanicals.

  • The first-ever pre-workout supplement designed to fuel the flow state
  • Boosts energy, increases stamina, awakens mind and elevates experience
  • Contains nootropic and adaptogenic plants plus electrolytes from Coconut water and Himalayan sea salt

BASK Recovery Botanicals:

  • Support optimal mental and physical recovery post-workout
  • Re-hydrates, soothes sore muscles and elevates mood
  • Contains adaptogenic and soothing plants plus electrolytes from Coconut water and Himalayan sea salt

DRIFT Sleep Botanicals:

  • Formulated to help the body and mind drift off to sleep, while optimizing nightly restoration.
  • Quiets the mind and soothes the body to support overnight recovery
  • Contains adaptogenic and calming plants along with essential minerals the pristine ocean waters of Ireland

“While the FLOW product may be the obvious hero in the set, restoring balance to the body and mind post-workout and at nighttime with BASK and DRIFT respectively can have a major impact on energy, mood and overall health, making it easier to keep returning to flow.”

Flume is dedicated to sustainability and has a company-wide goal of net positive impact. An industry first, all three supplements are sold in 100% recyclable / reusable aluminum jars to reduce their packaging footprint. The ingredients are responsibly sourced and traceable back to their origins. Flume is a proud member of 1% For the Planet and has partnered with Protect Our Winters and Sustainable Herbs Program, an affiliate of the American Botanical Council.

“We must take care of the planet to ensure both the plants that deliver these incredible benefits and the outdoor spaces that enable our adventures and nurture human health are available for generations to come.”

National Geographic Explorer, Photojournalist and environmental advocate Pete McBride was inspired by Flume’s mission and joined the brand as an early partner and advisor:

“…Occasionally, I come across businesses who have passion for the wild world and protecting it – not just with label talk – but with production walk. But most importantly, it is inspiring to find folks who celebrate the pursuit of one’s flow, daily and the path beyond — braided in concert with nature. I’m proud to partner with and be powered by Flume.”

FLOW, BASK and DRIFT supplements are available individually for $44.99 (Drift is $39.99) or as a bundle for $114.99 at https://withflume.com/. For a limited time, Flume is offering a free sample of their FLOW product to Instagram followers: @withflume.

About Flume:

Introducing Flume, a new dawn in sports supplements for those who don’t run just to stay fit, ski to get to the bottom, or cycle only to post a time.  We do it for the joy, for the bliss.  For the thrill of the pursuit. We do it because it feels good.

Flume is born out of the idea that to truly perform at our best we must thrive in the experience. When we are feeling great, connected and engaged, our bodies strong and minds focused, we flourish. This is the flow state and when we reach it we are able to push limits and reach new peaks.

Learn more about Flume: https://withflume.com/