Four Wheel Campers Partners with Verde Brand Communications for Public-Relations, Digital Strategy

October 16, 2018

Leader in lightweight, compact truck campers engages with Verde to help tell its innovation story to a wider range of outdoor customers.

WOODLAND, Calif. (October 16, 2018) – Four Wheel Campers, the category leader in lightweight, compact truck campers, this month retained Verde Brand Communications as its agency partner to support a range of public-relations and digital-marketing programs. Verde will help create strategy and brand campaigns that drive awareness of the Four Wheel Campers name among new categories of customers, as well as showcase the kinds of innovations that have led to the brand’s leadership over many decades in the overlanding category. 

Four Wheel Campers excels at creating lightweight, durable and low-profile pop-up truck campers that allow customers to stay in comfort wherever their truck can take them. Pick-up truck based, these home-away-from-home campers are placed onto the bed of the vehicle, but still feature sleeping, sitting, dining and cooking areas. 

When deployed, interior roof heights are 6’ 4” to 6’ 6” tall, but when closed the camper top extends only minimally above the truck cab. This low-profile shape, combined with industry leading light weights, allows an agile vehicle that is much more pleasant to drive than the majority of heavy, tall, bulky truck campers. FWC is also the leader in long-term durability, thanks to its welded aluminum flex-frame (as opposed to more common, brittle wood frames). Moreover, the FWC design affords access to rugged roads and backcountry terrain, rather than the limitations of vans with low ground clearance or two-wheel drive, or towing a camp trailer. 

Four Wheel Campers creates a well-organized, comfortable space in which to camp while pursuing a range of outdoor activities. The small footprint delivers big features by focusing on smart design and simple but high-quality materials. A range of models and finish options are available to tailor each camper to an owner’s needs.

“The Four Wheel Campers name and concept is well known in overlanding, which is our core market, and an area where we continue to be heavily focused. But we also know the same innovations that have made our designs resonate in overlanding hold appeal for a broader range of outdoor-focused customers who aren’t as familiar with our name or our concepts,” said CEO Robert Vogl. “We’re excited to engage with an agency like Verde that can help us tell the story of what makes us unique to an even broader segment of people looking for more freedom and flexibility in how they camp and access the outdoors.” 

Verde Brand Communications is a full-service communications agency that is well-established in the outdoor and active-lifestyle markets. The Verde team is made up of active members of the communities it works in, avid users of the products its clients produce, and people who are armed with experience from years of work within the outdoors and active-lifestyle industries. Verde delivers results by seamlessly integrating its industry knowledge with client goals. 

“A visit to one of the Overland Expos or to the Outdoor Retailer show is enough to know that there’s a huge crossover between the overland and outdoor markets today, and no one represents that intersection better than Four Wheel Campers,” said Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, Verde’s CEO and founder. “We’re thrilled to work with this brand, because they fit the profile of our ideal partner – a brand that’s earned a strong reputation from following a passion.” 

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About Four Wheel Campers
Since 1972, Four Wheel Campers has been the category leader in lightweight, compact truck campers. Based on a flexible aluminium frame, best-in-class weight and low-profile, pop-up top, a Four Wheel Camper turns a pick-up truck into an adventure vehicle that offers comfortable, well-throught-out accomodations, yet is nimble enough to drive like a normal car. The relatively small Four Wheel Campers footprint delivers comparatively large features by focusing on smart design and simple, high-quality materials. Well-known in the overlanding category, the FWC design creates a well-organized, comfortable space that serves as a home base for a wide range of outdoor activities. Four Wheel Campers is headquartered in Woodland, Calif., with a dealership network around the U.S, as well as international distribution. For more information, visit 

About Verde Brand Communications
Founded in 2001, Verde Brand Communications is a full-service brand communications agency focused on the outdoor and active-lifestyle markets. It offers a range of integrated marketing and communications services, including brand strategy and positioning, public relations, digital marketing, social media, paid media and content creation. Verde’s experience includes extensive work in the outdoor, snowsports, cycling, endurance, active travel, consumer electronics, craft beer and spirits, and lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS) markets. Verde’s success is tied to the passion its staff has for the industries, brands and media with whom they work. Verde has offices in Durango and Boulder, Colorado, and Jackson, Wyoming. For more about Verde, visit