Fuse Lenses Introduces Four New AMP Lenses for High-Contrast, Vivid Clarity

May 6, 2024

Leaders in Lens Replacement Solutions Adds More Color to Growing AMP Line

May 6, Clearwater, FL /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Fuse Lenses, leaders in lens replacement solutions for name-brand sunglasses, has added four new lenses to the brand’s popular AMP Color Enhancing collection. Available now, the new lenses boost color, contrast, and even reaction time.

Developed utilizing patented AI technology, AMP lenses deliver four times more color enhancement, resulting in a lens with heightened color contrast and crisp detail. Unlike many color-enhancing lenses, AMP lenses keep whites looking white allowing for accurate color perception for driving, sports performance, and enjoying scenery.

AMP’s color-enhancing lens technology targets muddy lightwaves and refines color waves for a sharpened, vivid view, and increased color contrast visually elevates any outdoor experience, from golf and hiking to hunting and fishing. Offering clear, glass-like vision, all AMP lenses are 100% UV protected, with polarized options for optimized vision and performance, a must-have for fishing and long days in the sun.

“Color-enhancing lenses allow the wearer to experience clearer vision with an increase in reaction time, not to mention a better overall view of the outdoors,” said Brandon Dill, co-founder and CEO of Fuse Lenses. “AMP lenses are the only true color-enhancing replacement lenses on the market made to fit any brand of sunglasses. Adding new colors not only represents our commitment to producing the best lenses on the market today but allows any customer to upgrade almost any pair of sunglasses that they own with the most cutting-edge lens technology in existence, for under $60.”

Fuse offers replacement lenses in over 20+ colors and lens options to fit frames from over 75 major sunglass brands, eliminating the need for customers to toss their favorite shades. Scratched or worn lenses can be replaced with any of Fuse’s three lens tiers; Standard, Fuse PRO polarized, and AMP Color Enhancing. US shipping is free for over $55 and installation is simple. If a customer can’t find their specific lenses, custom-fitted lenses are available for order.

Fuse promises “better-than-brand-name” quality, and all lenses are equipped with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-time, any-reason, lifetime replacement warranty. Now available in 10 bold lens colors, all of Fuse’s most popular replacement lens styles will be available in AMP. Every batch of lenses is tested rigorously in-house for quality, durability, and clarity.

Fuse also offers Florida-inspired sunglasses featuring their color-enhancing AMP lenses. Though with over 6,000 replacement lenses to choose from, the brand is happy to have customers hold on to old favorites.

About Fuse Lenses

With over 35 years of combined experience in the optical industry, owners Brandon Dill and Jon Martino teamed up to create Fuse Lenses. In 2012, a mutual friend scratched the lenses in his perfectly good, quality frames. Not wanting to dish out the money for a completely new pair, they came up with a simple yet bold idea: replace the lenses, not the frame. Today, Fuse offers replacement lens solutions, prescription lenses, and sunglasses in a wide variety of styles. To learn more, visit Fuse Lenses, or follow @fuselenses for more vivid updates on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.