Geartrade is UnNew and Improved

July 21, 2020

On its 20th Anniversary, the outdoor industry’s original used gear marketplace relaunches with new focus, new commitment, and a new owner.

Salt Lake City, UT (July 21, 2020) – Among the outdoor industry there exists a fundamental irony: Outdoor enthusiasts buy gear to enhance their outdoor experiences, yet increasingly the impacts of our consumer behavior actually degrade the environment we claim to care so much about. What to do?

Geartrade–the outdoor industry’s original used gear store–is the solution.

Established in 1999 by Jeremy Hanks, then purchased by Backcountry.com co-founders Jim Holland and John Bresee in 2005, GearTrade enters its 21st year with Aaron Provine as the new owner. Provine was previously V.P. of Merchandising at Backcountry.com, and for years coveted Geartrade for what it could be.

“Geartrade has always been the kind of secret stash for people to find great deals on the best gear. Despite a staff of one and near zero investment in technology or marketing, the site has helped people move millions of dollars in used outdoor gear a year for the last 10 years. That shows a real demand in the market from core outdoor users.”

Today, with more people considering the impact their purchase decisions have and the re-commerce revolution picking up steam, Provine realized now was the time to help Geartrade realize its potential as the hub for the outdoor industry’s full circular economy.

Geartrade has labeled the market opportunity “UnNew Outdoor”; An online re-commerce exchange amongst outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor brands, and outdoor stores of pre-owned, reusable, returned, repaired, and/or recycled quality outdoor gear, where adventurists buy and sell the gear they love for the outdoors they need.

“We want to keep people in the outdoors and keep gear out of landfills,” Provine said. “The traditional manufacturing and retail model is not sustainable.

We’ve made great strides in reducing the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing and packaging, etc…yet we’re still pushing a buy more/buy new approach to business.”

Provine’s first move was to update the store’s platform to meet today’s consumer expectations for a trusted, seamless exchange of gear. The new Geartrade upgrades include improved user experience for buying and selling gear; faster seller payment options via PayPal, Venmo and ACH; streamlined and intuitive listing process; and, a lot more gear.

Other investments include a new marketing director, former Overstock.com brand manager Cynthia Yeo, an increased paid and owned marketing program, and a new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Some outdoor brands and stores have dabbled in merchandising and repurposing used gear, but this is our focus,” Provine said. “Geartrade’s focus is on less. Our entire model and customer experience will be grounded in supplying the best outdoor gear for less money in a way that reduces our impact on the environment. There is a better way to make progress as an industry and a world; to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. That is our quest.”

Geartrade – Wear It Out.