Gnarly Nutrition Launches Hydrate Electrolyte Powder In Two Limited Run Flavors Based On Customer Poll

May 1, 2023

Salt Lake City, UT (May 1, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Gnarly Nutrition is excited to launch two limited-edition varieties of their electrolyte supplement, Gnarly Hydrate, in Salted Margarita and Lemonade. This is Gnarly’s first-ever flavor drop that was selected by customers, and the first release in Gnarly’s Limited Edition Flavor series. Gnarly surveyed nearly 5000 customers to determine the new flavors, with Salted Marg and Lemonade emerging as the top contenders from the poll.

Gnarly Hydrate mixes easily into water and contains sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium to optimally replace the electrolytes you lose when you sweat. These electrolytes are critical for proper hydration, nerve function, muscle function and body pH. All flavors of Hydrate also have just enough sugar to optimize water transport, without tasting too sweet.

There has been recent demand in the supplement industry for electrolyte solutions that offer higher sodium levels, to provide an option for athletes and heavier sweaters. Dr. Shannon O’Grady, Gnarly’s COO and resident ph.D. in nutritional physiology, says “Sodium plays a key role in how your body functions, as it helps to maintain fluid balance and cognitive function. Sodium is one of the most important electrolytes, if not the most important, so Gnarly wanted to provide a higher sodium option for customers–which naturally was a fit with the Salted Margarita flavor.” Gnarly is looking forward to adding a high-sodium electrolyte option to their lineup with Salted Margarita Hydrate, which contains 500mg of sodium–double the amount found in the existing flavors of Hydrate. Lemonade will contain the same 250mg amount of sodium found in other flavors of Hydrate.

The new Lemonade and Salted Margarita flavors of Gnarly Hydrate will be available in 40-serving bags and can be purchased at www.gognarly.com/products/electrolyte-powder and The Feed. Flavors will be available in a limited run until they sell out.

About Gnarly Nutrition

Born in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Gnarly Nutrition is committed to educating and inspiring athletes at all levels. Gnarly provides honest, effective and great tasting sports nutrition that is NSF Certified and NSF Certified for Sport. Gnarly’s full line features science-backed products free of hormones, GMOs, proprietary blends, antibiotics, or anything artificial. For more, visit Gnarly’s website or follow along on Instagram.