Gnarly Partners with Southeastern Climbers Coalition to Support Equitable Climbing

June 11, 2021

Salt Lake City, UT (June 8, 2021)– Gnarly Nutrition is excited to share their partnership with Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC), which supported their Equitable Access Scholarship. SCC is committed to amplifying and creating opportunities for underrepresented climbers in their community.

The Equitable Access Scholarship covered six climbers’ registration to two SCC climbing events, “Float The Boat” and “The Sickness,” as well as a stipend to cover transportation and equipment expenses and mentors to facilitate the climbing experience. Scholarship recipient, Ruth Eryearn Hudson, said, “I want to see the climbing community step in. People need to rid the notion that a guidebook and some willpower is good enough to get someone climbing outside. I see the high-barrier of entry for marginalized groups and this harm being done to our environment as problems that could both be eased by mentors who can show the ins-and-outs of outside climbing.”

Remaining funds from the scholarship supported four local non-profit organizations (WeClimb, Outdoor Afro, Unharnessed Pride, and the Ladies Climbing Coalition) working to support diversity in climbing in the southeast. Each organization received a $100 donation to further their work in providing welcoming spaces, mentorship and climbing opportunities for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women in climbing. “SCC is forward thinking as a climbing NGO, offering scholarships to provide equitable access to the sport we all love,” said Gnarly Nutrition CEO Eli Kerr. “Gnarly is grateful to participate and looking forward to supporting more opportunities like this.”

“The journey to an equitable climbing community is far from over,” said SCC Executive Director Andrea Hassler. “We are proud of our coalition members, and the voices that will continue to band together to speak out against discrimination and injustices.”

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