GoCamp Elevates Camper Van Rentals with New Technology

October 24, 2023

Leading Camper Van Rental Provider Embraces Tech to Redefine Customer Experience

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 24, 2023  — GoCamp develops and launches new technology to stake its claim in the camper van rental market. While previously utilizing an outside technical resource for facilitating camper van rental transactions, GoCamp now moves from a start-up service to an immersive tech company, paving the way for unique platform development and customer experiences.

GoCamp’s journey started in 2017, when the company was originally founded as a boutique camper van rental service in Portland, OR. GoCamp quickly established a foothold in the market, making an immediate impact in the industry. After years of success and strong community involvement, GoCamp expanded its locations and audiences, presenting the need for more advanced technical capabilities. That’s when GoCamp acquired proprietary software from Steven Dietrich, owner of Vancation. Dietrich used his technical software development expertise and applied it to his passion for camping and outdoor adventure. As a result, he created the dual RV rental marketplace that formed the base product for GoCamp.

Since the acquisition in 2022, GoCamp’s team has worked to repurpose, redesign and further develop the platform, in order to complement its business model and customer-centric approach. With this technical upgrade, GoCamp will now independently manage renter and van owner experiences, offering continual product enhancements for both audiences.

Camila Ramirez, CEO of GoCamp, spoke about the decision to invest in this new platform, saying, “Owning, developing and launching our technology has been a big endeavor. However, we know this is the most important step we can take toward controlling the future of our business and the experience we offer to renters and van owners. This platform allows us to do more than provide a service, it puts us on the forefront of innovation, while resolving challenges for all our customers. It gives us the freedom to evolve our marketplace, expand our business, and better serve our community.”

GoCamp’s decision is timely, as the RV Industry Association (RVIA) released its 2022 market review and industry profile, citing that Class B camper vans have experienced a 23% growth rate, surpassing other RV categories. GoCamp’s curated approach does more than function as a competitive advantage, it also meets the evolving needs and wants of consumers.

About GoCamp

GoCamp provides camper van travel experiences, connecting renters to owners, through a peer-to-peer marketplace. The GoCamp fleet is specifically curated with camper vans and Class B RVs, ensuring that every rental offers something unique. GoCamp onboards exceptional van owners, who foster memorable experiences, while bringing new life and community into the RV rental market. The high quality service and expert industry knowledge have continued to distinguish GoCamp from other rental platforms. GoCamp’s growth has propelled success in over 50 locations across the United States.