GOES Health and Recreate Responsibly Partner to Save Lives and Provide Outdoor Safety Tools

November 27, 2023

GOES’ new feature, PrecisionAlert now contains Recreate Responsibly Protocols, an Innovation in Recreation

San Francisco, Calif., (Nov 27, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – GOES Health, the award winning outdoor health and safety platform, is delighted to announce its partnership with Recreate Responsibly, the coalition working to inform people on how to safely and responsibly recreate outdoors.

The partnership promotes safety and preparedness in the outdoors, considering not only the health of the users, but also the health of the outdoor ecosystem they recreate within, and comes at a time where both environmental and climate impacts are at the forefront of human interaction with the outdoors.

With the objective of enabling people to make informed health and safety decisions in the backcountry, GOES has added the Recreate Responsibly guidelines to its expansive library of self-guided protocols, including Know Before You Go, Plan and Prepare, Build an Inclusive Outdoors, Respect Others, Leave No Trace, and Make it Better, now available on the GOES app.

“Partnering with Recreate Responsibly marks a significant step in our mission to empower adventurers with essential, real-time outdoor safety tools and education” shares Camilo Barcenas, CEO and cofounder of GOES Health. “Integrating their respected guidelines into GOES enriches our commitment to fostering responsible outdoor activities, while ensuring users can enjoy nature with mindfulness and preparedness. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of creating a safer, more respectful, and environmentally conscious outdoor community.”

In addition to Recreate Responsibly guidelines being added to GOES database, Recreate Responsibly Coalition followers now get a free month trial of the GOES App. When users upgrade to a year subscription of GOES, proceeds from the purchase will support work of the Recreate Responsibly coalition.

“At its core the Recreate Responsibly movement aims to nurture a ‘culture of caring’—caring for ourselves, for one another, and for the outdoor spaces that help make us whole,” said Eugenie Bostrom, managing director of the Recreate Responsibly Coalition.” Whether people are spending time outdoors for the first time or the hundredth time, we know that people can always use updated and accessible information on the places they’re going or on the potential risks of outdoor activities.”

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Media Contact: Erin Wyer / goeshealth@outsidepr.com

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About GOES Health:

Join the movement to enjoy the outdoors safely and confidently with GOES Health, co-founded by wilderness medicine expert Dr. Grant Lipman and healthcare tech innovator Camilo Barcenas. Enhanced by our partnership with Recreate Responsibly, the GOES app is your essential guide to outdoor safety, offering real-time health alerts, offline medically validated protocols, and now, Recreate Responsibly’s comprehensive guidelines. Navigate the outdoors with confidence and a commitment to environmental stewardship, whether online or off the grid. Start your journey with a free one-month trial using the voucher RRGOES and continue supporting Recreate Responsibly’s mission with your subscription. Download now on Google Play and the Apple App Store and learn more at GOES.health

About Recreate Responsibly

Recreate Responsibly is both a functional campaign and a coalition of more than 2,300 organizations that formed in response to heightened demand for the outdoors inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. With that demand sustaining, the coalition has centered its work on fostering a community that centers inclusion in the outdoors, cultivating a culture of care for one another and the places we play. Learn more at recreateresponsibly.org