GOES Health extends Outdoor Safety Access with Android Launch

August 22, 2023

Industry-leading outdoor health app unlocks peace of mind for millions

San Francisco, CA, USA (Aug 22, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – GOES Health, the award-winning outdoor health and safety platform, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of its mobile app on the Android operating system. With this expansion, GOES becomes the ultimate outdoor safety companion for both Android and iOS users worldwide.

Whether on or off the grid, the GOES app provides essential wilderness medical knowledge and support to empower users to make informed decisions when it matters most. Launching on Android ensures that all content, self-guided medical assessments, and how-to guides are always accessible to an even larger community, no matter how remote. With a cell signal, GOES+ connects users with a team of wilderness medicine doctors, available 24/7 via call or chat.

“Our goal has always been to empower more people to explore the outdoors confidently and safely. Given our recent extreme weather, the importance of navigating and mitigating environmental health risks cannot be overstated,” said Camilo Barcenas, CEO and Co-Founder of GOES Health. “Our release on Android means that our expansive library of wilderness medicine resources, precision weather updates, natural disaster alerts, and location-based health risks are now accessible to every person who carries a phone in their pocket.”

Download GOES Health today with GooglePlay or the Apple App Store.


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About GOES Health:

GOES Health delivers life-saving information backed by wilderness medicine doctors to provide people with offline tools and access to medical support, wherever they are and when it matters most. Founded by Dr. Lipman, a former professor at Stanford Emergency Medicine and director of its wilderness medicine fellowship, GOES Health offers credible and relevant knowledge to equip people with the foundation they need to explore the outdoors with confidence and peace of mind. GOES provides precision weather updates, natural disaster alerts, and location-based health risks, ensuring you’re prepared for every environment and terrain. With our extensive library of wilderness medicine resources, even those moments when you’re off the grid are safer. And when you do have a signal, GOES+ connects you with our team of wilderness medicine doctors 24/7 via call or chat. For more information, visit GOES.Health.