Grayl Boosts Performance of Bestselling GeoPress Purifier Bottle with New One-Way Valve for On-the-Go Hydration with Electrolytes

April 5, 2023

Spring collection features new colors, all Grayl purifier bottles upgraded with Drink-Mix Ready filter cartridges

SEATTLE, Wash. (April 5, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Grayl, the company empowering adventures with products that enable self-sufficiency, is boosting the performance of their best-selling GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle with a redesigned filter cartridge and addition of a new One-Way Valve that allows the use of electrolytes and other drink mixes, something no other water filter brand can offer. Now outdoor athletes, adventurers, and travelers can use just one bottle to collect water, press to filter and purify, and add electrolytes for easy and fast on-the-go hydration.

Grayl first introduced the One-Way Valve in November with the launch of their multifunctional UltraPress Titanium model—an incredibly versatile water purifier bottle that is drink-mix ready and can be used for cooking in addition to filtering and purifying water—but beginning this spring, all Grayl bottles will be drink-mix ready with a pre-installed one-way drink valve.

Grayl’s new GeoPress One-Way Valve is removeable for easy cleaning and protects the integrity of the filter media, which would otherwise become clogged from drink mixes (or other flavored liquids), to ensure optimal performance when filtering and purifying.

“Being able to add electrolytes quickly to freshly filtered water on the go, in the same bottle, is a revolutionary change,” said Travis Merrigan, co-founder and VP of product for Grayl. “After receiving a ton of positive feedback from product testers of our ‘drink-mix ready’ UltraPress Titanium Bottle, we decided to add this valuable upgrade to all GeoPress and UltraPress bottles – without increasing prices. Having one bottle that can do everything—filter, purify, add electrolytes, and even use it for a post-adventure cocktail or beer mug—is something only Grayl can offer right now, and we’re excited to bring that extra versatility to our customers.”

For a limited time on Grayl.com, all GeoPress and UltraPress bottles, including their new Spring Collections, will ship with a complimentary single serving packet of Skratch Labs Hydration Sport Drink Mix, which replaces the electrolytes lost in sweat and offers quick hydration without gut irritation, and a discount code for twenty percent off a purchase at Skratchlabs.com (while supplies last).

All Grayl water filter and purifier bottles feature Grayl’s patented press-to-purify technology, which reliably removes global waterborne pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoa) and filters out heavy metals and chemicals, including lead and PFAS.

Grayl’s new collection of GeoPress and UltraPress water filter and purifier bottles featuring the new One-Way Valve are now at Grayl.com and retailers nationwide (as a running change to stock). The One-Way Valve is also sold separately on Grayl.com. For more information, visit Grayl.com.


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