GU Energy Labs Celebrates 25 Years with Launch of Birthday Cake Energy Gel

January 23, 2018

Berkeley, Calif. (January 23, 2018) – It all started in a Berkeley, California kitchen in 1993. Just over 25 years ago, Dr. Bill Vaughan formulated the first GU Energy Gel as a more digestible fuel for his daughter, a top ultramarathoner. What he created was a product that enabled athletes to fuel breakthrough performances.

Innovation was what launched GU Energy Labs 25 years ago and since then, GU has been on a mission to serve athletes by optimizing every aspect of diet and nutrition.

“In the late ‘80s, we recognized that endurance athletes weren’t feeding their bodies with the nutrients they needed most, and their performance was suffering as a result. That was the spark that led my father to research the role nutrition plays in exercise physiology.  The original GU Gel is a significant outcome of that research.” said Brian Vaughan, co-founder and CEO of GU Energy Labs. “I look back on all that we’ve done as a company, all the incredible performances we’ve helped fuel, and I’m thrilled for what the future holds.”

To celebrate its 25 years, the family-owned company crafted a delicious, limited-edition Birthday Cake Energy Gel, which packs all the same functional ingredients GU is known for in a celebratory packet.

Birthday Cake Energy Gel, box of 24 MSRP $36, box of 8 MSRP $12, single MSRP $1.50

Birthday Cake Energy Gel is a perfect mid-run, mid-ride treat. Created for daily training, the Birthday Cake Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable 100-calorie packet to keep athletes fueled and feeling good.

Birthday Cake Energy Gel provides carbohydrates that use non-competing pathways to help maximize absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress. Each packet also delivers sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, to ensure hydration by maintaining water balance as well as branched-chain amino acids to reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.

Birthday Cake Energy Gel will be available at retailers in February and online March 1. Stop by the GU Energy Labs booth (#42000) at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market to sample the new flavor.

For more information, visit www.guenergy.com. To learn how to incorporate this flavor into a nutrition plan for a race or training session, visit www.guenergy.com/nutrition-plan.

About GU Energy Labs

GU Energy Labs strives to help athletes to reach their highest potential with products that deliver the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. Developed in collaboration with Olympians and age groupers alike, the GU nutrition matrix of Hydration, Energy and Recovery products has helped countless athletes achieve their dreams since its inception in 1993. Headquartered in Berkeley, GU Energy Labs produces all of its Energy Gels onsite with just the right blend of heart and science. Recommit to becoming your best athletic self, learn more about GU products, and discover how nutrition planning can help you get there at www.GUEnergy.com.

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