GU Energy Labs Gels are Now “Made by the Sun” at Berkeley Headquarters

March 13, 2018

Berkeley, Calif. (March 13, 2018) – Thanks to a newly installed 206 Kw DC solar power system, GU Energy Labs will now offset over 95 percent of its energy needs at their headquarters, which is home to the production facility where all GU Energy Gels are produced. Motivated by core values of accountability and longevity, GU made this investment as part of a larger sustainability strategy.

“The decision to go solar was an easy one for GU, as it aligns with our long term sustainability goals and is consistent with our core values of longevity and accountability,” said Dan Coyle, COO of GU Energy Labs. “We are committed to taking care of the planet and the places we play, and this project is a significant step in reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy.”

The installation of a solar energy system comes on the heels of GU’s certification as a California Green Business in 2016. The certification requires taking steps such as purchasing post-consumer recycled paper, minimizing water use and using non-toxic cleaning products in the office. Since then, the company has also conducted a waste audit to determine its biggest contributors to the landfill which led to initiatives such as scrap film recycling and the use of reusable pallet wraps.

Additionally, GU has several sustainability projects in motion with lofty goals that include water and waste reduction initiatives. To date, the company has successfully reduced water usage by twenty percent and eliminated thirty percent of waste.

“GU’s sustainability strategy includes investing in our community, working to build a healthy planet and creating sustainable products,” said Jessica Carol, Sustainability Manager at GU Energy Labs. “This investment in renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint by taking the equivalent of 47 cars off of the road or powering 33 homes for a year.”

For more information, visit http://www.guenergy.com/.

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