Happy Humans, Happy Sheep: Ortovox Earns Leader Status for Excellent Working Conditions

February 22, 2019

Fair Wear farm audits, Ortovox Wool Promise ensure happily sourced wool

(Taufkirchen, Germany) — Ortovox , a leader in avalanche safety equipment and wool-based mountain wear, has been awarded Leader Status by Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), the highest level of distinction for fair working conditions offered by the apparel industry watchdog. 

The FWF is an independent nonprofit organization focused on improving social standards and working conditions in the textile industry. Named as a leader, Ortovox is recognized for its advanced commitment to safe and healthy working conditions, livable wages and reasonable working hours throughout its supply chain. 

“Ortovox has always been committed to making sure its workforce is happy and healthy. Being awarded Leader Status by the FWF is further confirmation of the internal work we have been doing,” said Ortovox Brand Manager Tom Mason. “This recognition goes hand in hand with our focus on animal welfare and the recent implementation of the Ortovox Wool Promise.” 

The Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP) was implemented in 2018 and was conceived to go beyond the Responsible Wool Standard. OWP allows Ortovox to guarantee the humane treatment of sheep and sustainability of its wool growers. Both the sheep and farmers are evaluated according to 60 indicators, and farms are regularly checked by external auditors to ensure the company’s standards are being met. 

In addition, Ortovox employees regularly travel to meet with OWP wool farmers and other members of the supply chain. This direct exchange promotes excellent farm practices and animal welfare, and creates a forum in which problems can be addressed and resolved quickly and collectively. Included in the OWP, Ortovox guarantees the wool used in its garments is sourced exclusively from its select partner farms. 

Since Ortovox became a member of the FWF in 2015, the company regularly monitors its factories and plans visits by Ortovox employees and the FWF to ensure its strict Code of Labour Practices is adhered to. 

Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, ORTOVOX is the world’s leading supplier of avalanche transceivers and rescue equipment. More than thirty years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables ORTOVOX to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world. The complete line of mountain products includes technical apparel and accessories, avalanche rescue equipment and safety equipment for professional and recreational use. For media info, contact Chris Hrenko, chris@palemorning.com.