hDrop Technologies Inc., the Reusable Hydration Biosensor Company Launches hDrop ™ Sweat Zones

June 5, 2024

hDrop ™ Sweat Zones (Concentrated, Target, and Diluted) are the new training concept to manage your hydration during physical activity.

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – With rising summer temperatures, optimizing hydration is crucial. hDrop, the reusable hydration wearable that tracks sweat-related metrics in real-time, is introducing a new training concept: hDrop™ Sweat Zones.

hDrop™ Sweat Zones, a new training tool aimed at helping athletes manage their hydration better. This tool is particularly useful for helping in both dehydration and the less well-known but equally harmful overhydration. The tool tracks sweat composition and develops a personalized hydration profile for the user. Based on the baseline profile generated, it tracks sweat composition changes in real-time.

The hDrop™ Sweat Zones use hDrop’s unique reusable sensor that continuously checks the athlete’s sweat composition, showing results immediately. This allows athletes to see if they need to consume more water or electrolytes right away, helping them stay hydrated properly during their workouts. The device tracks sweat losses, sodium losses, potassium losses, and more.

Adria Abella, CEO of hDrop, explains that the device is designed to be actionable and reusable. “It turns keeping hydrated into a game, where the aim is to keep water and electrolyte levels just right throughout the training.” Adria added: “We have been collecting data for 5 years, and we started seeing patterns that helped us develop this new feature. We have had ultra runners testing the beta feature and they have experience incredible results, especially during long activities”.

The hDrop stays in touch with the skin and sweat of the user, and what sets this technology apart is its ability to monitor changes in salt levels and skin instantly, which isn’t possible with other one-time use sweat collection devices. This quick feedback helps athletes adjust their water and electrolyte intake on the go and see the body responses to fluid intakes and exercise intensity in real-time.

With the introduction of the hDrop™ Sweat Zones, hDrop Technologies aims to improve the way athletes train by ensuring they stay healthy and hydrated, reaching their top performance safely.

hDrop is available on https://hdroptech.com, use the code: “STAYHYDRATED24” to get a 10% OFF.

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