HeadSpin Outdoors Unleashes One Light to Shine on all Outdoor Pursuits

November 1, 2018

New rechargeable, convertible lighting system now available online

(Dallas, Texas) – You hike. Camp. Fish. Hunt. Ski. Bike. Grill. Run. Walk the dog. Up until today, you’ve required a drawer full of lights to illuminate your various outdoor adventures. Now, HeadSpin introduces one light to rule them all.

HeadSpin is a brand new, incredibly adaptable lighting solution intended to shine brightly on everything you do. It all begins with the light, a rugged, rechargeable, 400-lumen cube-shape powerhouse. The high-performance light connects to various accessory mounts via the patented Spin-Dock™ magnetic connection that quickly locks into place, easily turning the HeadSpin into a flashlight, a bike light or a headlamp. Or, the light simply connects to any metallic surface and be used as a magnetic task light. 

“We’ve made one, great rechargeable light that is super useful by itself, but we also designed it to be compatible with a number of mounts to make it even more versatile,” said Derek Smith, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of HeadSpin. “We call it ‘convertible lighting’ because it’s one light that can easily convert and be used for a massive range of activities.”

The HeadSpin light (weighing in at just two ounces) is simple and intuitive – four buttons control on/off, intensity settings, spot/flood and flash mode. The lithium-ion battery can be charged via a proprietary wall mounted charger or micro-USB and will deliver up to 40 hours of continuous use. The light also carries an IP66 weather resistance rating and withstand a 2-meter drop. 

With the assistance of a unique magnetic locking system, the light effortlessly spins on to a head band, a sturdy flashlight handle or bike/rail mount, all included. Additional mounts and brackets are in the works as HeadSpin roars into the outdoor recreational lighting market.

“We’ve spent considerable time designing and engineering HeadSpin to cover the various needs of the outdoor enthusiast,” said Chris Grider, co-founder and CEO of HeadSpin. “There are plenty of rechargeable lights that are bright, and plenty that hold a charge for a long time. None do both as well as HeadSpin.”

A complete HeadSpin kit is available for pre-order for $199 at Look for HeadSpin at specialty outdoor retailers later this autumn.

About HeadSpin Outdoors: Chris Grider and Derek Smith, Texas-based brothers-in-law, developed HeadSpin with the goal of reimagining what portable lighting could be for a wide swath of outdoor adventurers – from dog walking to mountain climbing. HeadSpin launched in autumn of 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Media samples are available by contacting Matt Crawford at Pale Morning Media ( or 802-488-0210).