Help Protect Coral Reefs with Sharkbanz

August 24, 2017

Wearable Shark Deterrent Forms New Partnership to Benefit Coral Reef Alliance

Charleston, S.C.—Aug. 24. 2017—Sharkbanz, the affordable, wearable shark deterrent, is partnering with reef-friendly Hippo Sweat sunscreen to help protect coral reefs. With every purchase of a Sharkbanz product on Sharkbanz.com, consumers can add on Hippo Sweat’s Sunscreen Lotion or Face Paste for a discounted price of $5. 100% of the proceeds from the sunscreen add-on will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.

“The conservation of the ocean, our planet’s irreplaceable resource, is a top priority here at Sharkbanz,” commented Nathan Garrison, Co-founder of Sharkbanz, “By partnering with Hippo Sweat and donating proceeds to the Coral Reef Alliance, we hope to help protect our coral reefs and bring awareness to this concerning and pressing issue.”

An October 2015 study by the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology found that a common ingredient in sunscreen, oxybenzone, is harmful to coral. The study urges consumers to opt for mineral sunscreens, like Hippo Sweat, that only use zinc and titanium dioxide as active ingredients.

“Healthy coral is critically important to a healthy ocean,” remarked Troy Marcikic, Co-founder, Hippo Sweat Sunscreen. “By choosing a reef-friendly sunscreen, consumers can rest easy knowing that they are making the right choice for their skin as well as coral reefs.”

California-based Hippo Sweat sunscreen does not contain oxybenzone and is eco-friendly, reef safe and vegan. It is because of the brand’s responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients that Sharkbanz decided to partner with Hippo Sweat. Through this partnership, funds raised will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance, a nonprofit committed to coral reef conservation.

“Coral reefs already face too many local and global threats, from sediment and nutrient pollution to overfishing and climate change,” said Dr. Madhavi Colton, Program Director at the Coral Reef Alliance. “CORAL recommends that you cover up when visiting coral reefs, and if you do use sunscreen, to choose a brand with zinc and titanium as active ingredients.”

For more information on how sunscreen is impacting coral reefs, click here. For more information on Sharkbanz, Hippo Sweat and to purchase the aforementioned products, visit sharkbanz.com.

About Sharkbanz

Based in Charleston, SC, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology to interfere with sharks’ sensitive electroreceptors. Created by surfers and divers and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz magnetic technology does not harm sharks or other sea creatures, uses no batteries, requires no charging and is designed to endure the most rigorous water sports. Learn more about Sharkbanz technology, products and shark conservancy efforts by visiting http://www.sharkbanz.com.

About the Coral Reef Alliance
Headquartered in Oakland, California, and with field offices in Hawai`i, Fiji, Indonesia and Honduras, the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) unites communities to save coral reefs. Working with local people, communities and partners—from fishermen and government leaders to divers to scientists—CORAL protects one of our most valuable and threatened ecosystems. International teams design long-term and lasting conservation programs that reduce local threats to coral reefs and are replicated across the globe. For more information about CORAL or to make a donation to protect coral reefs, visit www.coral.org<http://www.coral.org/>.

About Hippo Sweat Sunscreen
Hippo Sweat was started for the sole purpose of being an awesome, all natural, yet long lasting form of skin protection from long days in the sun. After years of experimenting and research, Hippo Sweat found the combination that suited the goals of a very durable, yet skin friendly, and reef friendly formula. Hippo Sweat’s all-natural sunscreens work just as well, if not better, than synthetic counterparts and don’t leave nearly the carbon footprint. For more information visit hipposweatspf.com.